Virtual Reality App Recommendations

I am looking for any good VR app recommendations - can you imagine DQ in VR?

What kind of vr headset do you use? Mobile PC or console?

If it is Mobile VR does it have a controller (one you hold in your hand)?

Mobile. Sinopro 3D VR headset. I also have a Bluetooth controller and Bluetooth headset.

i will have to look that one up!

Basic stuff (like google cardboard) can be used directly off of the Google Play store and there are a TON of 3rd party apps already out there as well.

I like the Netflix VR and Hulu Apps :wink:

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I have 23 apps now. VR is amazing. :grin:

Merry Christmas!!!

When will you find time to work LOL :joy:

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Ok my nephew got a VR set this morning…now I want one :grimacing::santa:t3:

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It’s awesome. Kinda hard to describe but wow.

I see. VR in DQ would be awesome! I mean seriously, it would feel like you are actually part of the action . It’s cool that if I had VR, I would get to experience aftermath build , reactor orb build, pistol build, pretty much any build in that perspective and probably gain a little sense of fear. It could make the game a little or a lot more challenging yet fun too :smile:

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Yes I know. It would be so amazing. You could literally be the Wizard teleporting around and dropping meteors. I can see more monster, floor, sky and wall details… O.o

Ikr! It would be so cool! If only I could afford stuff for VR lol. Oh well. Good luck regardless.