Visited Again After A Long Absence


Hello everyone! It has been I think over a year (or maybe two!) since I last posted here, which is partly due to the fact that I kinda got bored with the game. Then I kinda forgot about it.

That said, I’m thinking about playing again, and I thought I would drop by and say hi. (I had some okay characters, but I deleted them and am more or less starting over, but I did keep a few things like crystals and mythostones as well as a huge amount of gold.)

Also: When will the next major update be? It seems like it has been forever since a big new feature has been implemented in Dungeon Quest.

Spending money

We are doing Quality of Life Updates to DQ so that it works as new software requirements are released for Apple Google and Amazon.

We recently updated Dungeon Quest to be compliant with GDPR (long story there is a post about it on the front page) which took a bit of time (and still is) to get completed and released.

We are doing our best and we get we know we are not as fast as some of our fans would like us to be with updates!

Also, THANKS for coming back to play!