Hello there, I wanted to suggest something. This is about that famous and commonly used set affix on the arena, “the Cerebral Vortex”. I see it as a very useful affix specially when you got some bunch of power on your build. but Some times I also find it disturbing and annoying cause most of the times, specially if you have good power, you don’t need to do more effort just to defeat your enemy like the vortexes will gonna kill your enemy dead easily. I am suggesting if it is possible that you might consider to remove (i guess it’s impossible) or re-update( like make it a PvE one for farming purposes and not really the arena thing :stuck_out_tongue:) this set affix to prioritize your arena build like not relying on it often :smile: . And to see the real strength of the AI’s or your own Characters’s way of playing with out it haha. I guess that is all.
and have a Good day my Lords … and Ladys :wink:


CV already been nerf. Deleting it on arena wouldn’t be necessary.


Yes I’ve just felt it and maybe Im not gonna use CV soon.


You could use terrashapper, electrified or overload works like CV, activates when strucked.


Of course. I do remember saying how CV was like the Terrashaper on steroids xD. CV isn’t entirely useless though but nerfed enough to not restrict too many build types from coming back which is great. Although against campers, CV will always be good against them as well as other things.


It is already nerfed, you can just walk to evade it.


Yeah I know. It’s awesome though as it allows for more build flexibility without as much worry of CV as there used to be. Also those barrage builds are awesome.


everybody is trying to do one right now :joy: :joy: :joy:


Lol. But I commend the one who first put it in arena and made it so very well in eternal league for sure. The range feels as big as the old guidedshot xD and just as damaging. No stealth to save you either (unless you had high enough dodge) .

No need for stealth though. All you need is much more damage Reduction, CV and deal good damage but not just for barrage build but for any build all around.


Whats new about the Barrage skill users?


Yeah barrage builds have insane dps… but it is short ranged, I can counter easy with my twister/teleport build (and being twiddle fingers :PPP)


Yeah speedy teleports also help. However it is hit and miss for me to reach them with my speedy vault rogue and discordance orb.

Yep skulldraga does have HP similar to yours because if I get destroyed instantly , the skulldraga also. If I have high HP and skulldraga, then skulldraga also.