Vote for your favorite Class

hi good day … lets all make a survey for the most popular class in DQ

  1. post ur fav class here
  2. reasons
  3. fantasy suggestion for the class(optional)
    if well get tons of replies ill count the number of votes. and post it

me first

  1. fav class : Rogue
  2. I just really love using bow . i like watching the arrows scopping to targets rapidly. and this is my fav class becuz of its ability to survive in anyfloor even having 1hp cuz of stealth.
  3. hmm fantasies- new mh wep shuriken probably? haha ( ninja)
  1. Warrior
  2. I am a big fan of Warriors in all games i play my first pick is warrior , i love to tank and fight face to face vs others players / creeps.
  3. Making ascend to choose paladin or berserk warrior, paladin high hp high def low power , berserker warrior decent hp low def high power and can use 2 sword/axe/hammer like diablo
  1. Rouge
  2. Female
  3. to be a dragon

2.Female Assasin :heart_eyes:, the flintlock Ricochet r pretty awesom :3
3.Improvement of Images, like ten of Rogue Blinkstrike at the same time :sunglasses:

  1. Wizard
  2. Cause magic is awesome
  3. Make him summon super big monsters. Also flashy new skills :blush::blush::joy::joy:

• Mage
• I’m crazy about spellcasters and any sort kind of Magic
• Replacement of special skill in OH Command into something more epic shit like an elemntal Golem, an Undead huge Zombie or a Gargantuan Giant. Also making the Summoner more competitive.

  • Enslaver
  • Envied because he has many pets (Legends and Eternal)
    *Please Increase Drop Rate of Eternal . Im always want to have one. Hahahahah

I’m sure that Enslaver not a playable class in DQ :smiley:

Rogue, always have. Magic User is ok.

His being sarcastic lol hahaha