Waiting for DQ2 ? Don't get bored and play CQ!

I care about you and im so glad that I’ve meet you that’s why I recommend everyone To play another such a good game mechanics ! You play DQ, You stay for long coz you understand the game mechanics that will make you build and craft on your own suitable way !

Crusaders Quest ! This game you can build your own synergies ! This game contain almost 900 character ! Just think about its amazing right and you can choose and discovered your best synergy and be the top 1 in this game ! I stop playing dq1 and waiting for dq2 and I found this game and try and think about the mechanics about the game that make me think if what happen if dq player play this game ! Its like discovering a volcano under the volcano :joy:

So what are you waiting for just try it !

Sorry for my very very bad wrong grammar hope you understand what I want to say

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