WARNING! PvP not the same as Dungeon Crawling

It has been my bad experience that the Arena and the Dungeon are two different games. A large number of skills, proc and affixes used in the Dungeon do not work in the Arena.

It’s kind of hit or miss, what does or doesn’t work in the Arena. You just gotta try them out to find out. Just saying, so newbies don’t get disappointed like I was.

Another issue with the Arena. You BETTER have a reliable high speed connection, along with a reliable dedicated device. Just imagine a text msg, phone call, or other notifications trying to get through during the time in the Arena. :nerd_face:

yup, mostly ur winning and suddenly a f#$king useless notif appear and u lose. been there done that. hate it when it happens

All I can say is … Is that the arena is ironic AF.


Every affix still works in arena :slight_smile:


Well it’s a hit and miss but a good learning experience despite some losses but as long as you have good farming build and find what works best, then you learn quite a bit of the games affix synergies and possibilities.
Trial and Error is what the game is all about really and also trying other PvP builds shared by other people (Duct Tape for eg) and editing them to make them even more successful.

Every affix does still work in arena but it’s about which affixes you find work best in arena and which build works .


What about the proc, and spells? Something aint jiving, I’m kick ass in the Dungeon , but many of my proc and spells don’t seem to work in the arena. Also what constitutes a spell? Some of the terms, are very ambiguous.

I like the game, I just don’t see a connect between the Arena, and the Dungeon. Not that I would expect there to be. Only time will tell.

Like I was saying b4, speed is everything in the arena. There is always somebody who has the latest hardware. You can have the best character possible. But if your buttons don’t work, because of a slow connection. Forget the Arena.

Procs now have Internal Cooldown… in other words, when you have Earthshatter Proc and your skill use was Stealth,

Stealth (16 sec cd) then Earthshatter kicks, your next Earthshatter proc will be 16 secs also because Skill who triggered proc will have same cooldown…

As for best hardware you say…

There is no best phone to use when you want to become top on PvP. Its really hard man to become on top. I know what the feeling of CRYBABY :blush:. Just sit back and enjoy the game…

Practice makes perfect… its better to be a loser than a quitter dude…

Uuuuuuh yes and no internal cool downs on procs are based on the skill that the proc is for not the skill that is used to activate the proc :smile:

Pardon me for wrong reply :cry:

Why is it, every time I play somebody in the arena. It always says… …lvl 99 and all of their equipment is lvl 20 legend?

As far as speed a requirement of PvP there are times that I can’t even push a button fast enough because of lag time. Sometimes SPEED are a players ONLY advantage in the arena, and the only one they need!

All is nerfed in the arena so it is fair to those players who havent reached lvl 99 yet.

I have no idea about that lag. Maybe because of ur phone?