Warrior and Wizard build help

I am new to warriors and wizard, I need help on builds… I am thinking toss build for warriors, but I have no idea if that works…

u dont have any idea if the toss build gonna wark or not.? here my help, i usually test all the build that i think and made to see if if work or not. the least u can do now is search through forum about warrior build, there are 1 or 2 about warrior toss build. and ask the player if it still work/viable or not.

Okay, thanks! Do you have warrior or wizard builds recommended?

there is no recommendation build. it depend on your playstyle… u need to test thing out first since u say u are new to warrior and wizard.

If u want a place to star for wizards, proc builds work well but need lots of crystals and mythstone to make the right gear. Summoner can get you through the first 100 floors slowly but with ease.

I am currently working on a proc build, currently hunting for nadroji ring to wipe of all but +sets and turn it into a cataclysm.

Just use an elixir ms to make life easier?

Does proc still work for 2.0? I have an eternal cataclysm, but I thought proc was not that efficient for 2.0.


Yeah… If I want to use toss for warriors, can you give me some tips?

Take a nadroji necklace and then add +2 all sets ms on it so you have all +4 then use eternal cataclysm

Is proc still a strong build in 2.0?

Not sure really i mainly play rogue

Yeah… Same… I am new to wizards…

Thats exactly what I am doing to my nadroji ring for my pvp build.

Honestly, I’m not a "professional, or anywhere near close (ranked around 1000 on pvp globally), but my wizard is a mana shield, proc build. It’s kind of absolute mayhem, but so is my main, a rogue. I started with a meteor build, but switched due to lack of gear and abundance of gear for mana shield type build.

Is proc efficient for wizard?

I’ve had a very good experience with it so far. This is my gear, as far a few days of leveling and farming will get it.

I have been fooling around with other builds (not as extreme as people like cronos can, however) and a poison damage build and explosion build work nicely also. I feel partial to the proc build, though, because you’re nigh invincible in most cases and I just love absolute mayhem.
Works very well in PvP as well as PvE. Beware of DoT in PvP, however.

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Thanks for sharing! I will buil a proc wizard!

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