Warrior Axe build

Hey. I want to do a axe build. Is it any good?
What 6 epic stats should I roll? Is +Attack and attackspeed good? Should I get % cleave or % whirlwind affix? Thanks in advance.

There are plenty of things you could do. I personally would focus on maximizing Whirlwind damage: % crit dmg, +/% dmg, %ele dmg, etc. I don’t know if atk spd affects Whirlwind, so I would avoid it if it doesn’t. Get as much Crushing Blow as possible. Some type of mobility is almost required at higher level challenge maps, so I would maybe use a Jouster’s Horn for the +move speed and sprint. Then there are other options you could do passed that. I wanted to do an axe build myself, but got really lazy trying to roll the things I wanted :\

Cool thanks. Would you und se wrath on amulet? And hat about blood knight? Also I feel like damage is kinda low. Im still using a 61k fate travesty untul i roll a proper weapon. Is +attackchance good or bad? And is the he wurvability good with this build if I get 5000hp on almost every part or do need other stats for high maps on ep8. Im new to warrior.

Hmm, if you wanna use Fate’s Travesty, I think Cleave would be doing more damage than Whirlwind, so +Attack spd, +Extra Attack Chance, and high level Assault would be pretty good, and probably use a Totem to group them up so you can Cleave mobs to death. I haven’t done any hard math, but I feel that should be pretty good. And I’m pretty sure Attack spd and +Extra Attack Chance don’t work with Whirlwind, so there’s that.

As for higher ep8 maps, there a lot of things to consider. Going up in maps LOWER your defense and Dodge, but NOT block. At some point, there will be tons of things that will just one shot you: rock throwing ogres, those worm things that shoot lightning, Cartographer AOE attacks, Skyfall meteors, etc. So I’ve found +/% HP and +Block to be really valuable. I have 14k armor, 300+ all resists, 55k hp, 75% Block (max), and still getting one shot by most things, but it does help a little bit and the high Block chance goes a long way. But in the end, you just wanna be able to get to the Cartographer quickly, burst him down quickly, then quickly pick up the map, then you could go back and kill the mobs you ran by. Theoretically, you could go full glass cannon and just avoid everything that is flying at you, but that’s really hard.

Another thing to note, if you get a map where enemies heal for 2%+ of their max health per second, and you get a Cartographer (or 3) with Extra Health affix and they are all throwing out AOE, they are literally impossible to kill if you don’t do enough damage, so at that point, you’re better off buying another map. I haven’t found a way to be completely immortal while doing billions of damage, but I’m looking :smiley:

Hi somepnoyguy :smile:

Can i ask a question

You just did o.o

I’ve been experimenting a bit with Axes and the behavior of whirlwind and from what I’ve seen Atk Spd definitely speeds up the ANIMATION of Whirlwind. A regular whirlwind with no bonus Atk Spd does around 3-4 spins while (when I tested it) having 45% Atk Spd does around 7-8 spins (or more, my eyes can’t keep up). As far as damage ticks go, I’ve counted (with what my eyes can follow), no Atk Spd bonus ticks about 6-7 hits and 45% bonus seems to tick 9-11-ish hits or more. But this is nothing solid and based off what I’ve observed, or what I’ve tried my best to observe. I think in order to test it properly you’d need two separate sets of armor. One clean and one with only Atk Spd in order not let any other damage sources affect it. Then fight a boss with extra hp or something and see how much hp is taken after each attack. I think this would be a little more clear of an indicater of whether or not Whirlwind is affected by Atk Spd because it’s hard to count ticks but easier to see how much of a monster’s hp bar is taken away from each of the two case. If anyone has more information on this matter please chime in, I’d like to hear from anyone who has any experience in this :3

You know what, I was just messing around with this, and it does look like Attack spd does increase Whirlwind. I’m not sure why I thought it didn’t, sry about that :confused: . I’m so used to using swords, high Attack Spd on Swords is just sooo much more apparent compared to low attack speed, I honestly really didn’t notice much difference using higher Attack Spd with axes. It also seems like Cleave and Whirlwind attack at the same rate.

So I managed to get +65.3% Atk Spd (anyone know what the max is?) with my axe, which gives me 3.4 attacks per second. +0% gives you 1.9 attacks per second.

Thanks alot dor your replys. You said something about swords. Are you using a sword? Fat what floor are you? Would you mind postung your gear or all the stats in your gear? Also you need a shield to be able to block right? I realkly would like to see your setup. How you balance the offensive stats and talents on each piece. Sorry that I ask so many questions but I really love the game.

Also you said you would use + % hp. Just the other day I read that the name die f the stat is misleading and that t only increases the base hp but a certain %. But the post may have been older.

I akso thought about the stats I need to roll and if I just need crit/critdamage/attackspeed/% ele/hp theres no place left for other stats.

Somwpnoyguy try use blessing instead of hardened armor and try that :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the build i’m using and i’m quite cool with it.

I got some epic weapon with +400 posion damage, +8% posion and some other stuff. (posion element)
Frost horn (didn’t take high notice to stats)
Chaos (legend ring) That gives plagued. For every enemy effected by posion increased posion dot damage by 25%.
Fauns hide and necklace. Gives me the neccesary luck + hp which i need for chaos armor = 25% hp. The necklace has bloodbath 15

I’m level 63, and i just roll with sprint + whirlwind, poison enemies and easily kill…

So what items can you have crushing blow on?

this. is. AWESOME!

You can have crushing blow on any item.

Why did the effect of Crushing Blow is decreased and the DPS of all Items when Ive got of the latest updates?
Is there a new challenge? :question:

[quote=“kulangot”]Why did the effect of Crushing Blow is decreased and the DPS of all Items when Ive got of the latest updates?
Is there a new challenge? :question:[/quote]
still takes% life… making mp8 a joke still if it is decreased or not,still %dmg

[quote=“kulangot”]Why did the effect of Crushing Blow is decreased and the DPS of all Items when Ive got of the latest updates?
Is there a new challenge? :question:[/quote]

Crushing Blow hasnt changed as far as i know. DPS formulas have changed, and will be looking into some issues we’re seeing.


SteigerBox is right on crushing blows…and about the DPS on statistics it was divided to mainhand and offhand I guess…


My items that has crushing blows are, axe,lance,sword horn, hatchet, ring and amulets…all of them are epics…hehehe…