Warrior azure battle gear armour bug?

I just found this chest . Seems to me that even im at aspd 1.1 .im shooting like 4to5 times per sec. Looks insane speed to me. Is this a bug?

i uploaded a video. check i out


You are right it’s a bug. I just tried it and i felt like i were in a DESPERADO :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Haha .is this gonna be fixed?

Are you using some +X extra attak chance? :wink:

Spellsword? Try it on rogue with daggers xD

Now with the fix speed of hammers on warriors comets are extremely fast too:)

even without +chance im super fast… ill try to upload a video if i can

I told u, spellsword set chest replaces ur main weapon skills for comet and meteor… on last patch hammers got 40% extra speed (that bonus also applies when using spellsword wich is already fast) xD i made a video with my rogue

Dungeon quest rogue with spellsword: youtu.be/rYvIR0VUUvc

My warrior also use spellsword [emoji13]