Warrior Build[DQ2.3] Whirlwind + Earthshatter - [Edited thread]-090516

So here’s the build

Just love incorporating eternal items on builds.
You can definitely adjust or edit the build.
I’m currently at m3 1400+. Surely can go higher.

Some Key Points:

  • Fight the bosses with some mobs unless you dont have any options left.
  • Try to taunt the mobs after the boss spawn for a quicker kill (triggering toxic from all the mobs means easy/instant kill)
  • More mobs the better.
  • Half of the nature are strength (+30% crit dmg) and the remaining are elements (+15% ED). You can also adjust this setup
  • Sprint proc helps in triggering poison on some mobs that weren’t hit by the whirlwind (also for additional ms)
  • Taunt for OH special (mob luring and possible toxic triggering = easy kill)
  • Dont let them hit you! (also beware of worms!)
  • I also use charge to travel faster, to avoid some casted spells, and also when ww and taunt is on cooldown
  • Skill stats distribution, 20-Strength, 20-Dexterity, 20-WW, 19-Earthshatter, 20-Sprint
  • The skill status above is after sprint proc + ww cast (no boost from shrine yet)
  • Main killer for this build is Blight + High Crit Dmg + Brutality
  • You can change Provocation to Fustigate (head talent) - stun mobs means easier kill
  • Best for hiking solo or running it as the main. (havent tried it as a hireling - i think it be difficult since you cannot control the AI to dodge and attack at the same time)

Pro: Good damage. More mobs means more damage
Con: Sanctuary is the only lifeline. You must be good in evading mob spells/Attacks

Heres the Video as of 083116


does this hammer stil exist? is it modified?

it was a jaspered item

is it a wiz item ? i see good vid btw u inspired lot of warriors.

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thats right. its a wiz item.

wow. thats a great compliment. thanks!

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honestly im a big fun of whirlwind build. when i was a newbie i actually learn a lot from ur whirlwind + earthshatter thread build.

i always love warrior i just switch to rogue cuz of survivality issues. but ur doin great hope seeing more warriors like this in the future.

Ola, sou do Brasil e encontro muita dificuldade para traduzir os topicos
estou no andar 950 mystic3, jogo de mago skullshield, mais esta muito fraco ao meu ver
por favor me enviem dicas e fotos para que eu possa melhorar e ficar tao forte quanto voces

me too, and i think most are, because whirlwind has a very basic style. you just spam it and move around :smile:

dont worry. i think everyone has that kind of issue when hiking really high floors.

i havent tried rogue yet, but this build can be jaspered to any class, because of the battlemage set affix

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ya i would like to try this build on my rogue later. im stil workin on finishing my smokebomb build at the moment. @darellleyesa

Not sure how I missed your build this week. Another amazing build by an awesome crafter!! Thank you so much for sharing your video! The DQ community truly appreciates what you share!! Keep up the great work!


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Dairy Queen :+1: