Warrior build help plzz

I’m currently at floor 580+ I’m having hard time killing mythic and legend bosses. I need help to boost my HP and damage thanks a lot.


Change angelic to Crushing flames and replace multi attack with crushing blow(use obsidian), poof! you can zoom stages, avoid healing affix on maps buddy

HP is irrelevant at high floor

From what I can see you use glass cannon so HP boosting affixes will just take up space

The empyrean needs to be remove, i think he dies a lot.
Change to sanctuary

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Hi do I need to remove my glass cannon?

No glasscannon is really powerful as we typically don’t build for health since even if you have 10mil hp you will be one shooted

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Thanks a lot guys I built this sanctuary amulet and it helped a lot even with low HP won’t die all d time. I’m gonna farm more crystal to rebuil my damage am now at floor 650

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If you just want to farm crystals go to floor 501 and farm there Crystal rarity stops increasing at floor 501 so there is no reason to go higher

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Ok man thanks for ur help. btw what element should I use?

Generally you can use every element but I would suggest either cold element with frozen set fire with crushing flames or poison