Warrior Build - High Mythic 3 Difficulty

Hey DQ Players!
This is my Warrior Build, Doesn’t work exactly how I wanted it to so that’s why I need all of your help.
It seems like fury is a horrible resource system because I can’t cast anything besides sprint and use my hammer.
Is there anything that I should change?
I’ve been thinking that Masochism + Defient is a good combo but i’m not 100% sure.
Thanks to everybody who’s been helping!


I think energy would be a way better choice for ressourcesystem in this build since you arent spamming your mainskills that often that you would benefit from fury

Yeah, i realized that after I put fury on. I don’t like it very much

Im using fury at moment in my flintlock build but i dont think it works very well with any other weapon.

You have too much attack speed. 2 Crystal affixes is too much. Change one to critical chance. Don’t use barbarian/push the limit if you are using fury/energy without any source of mana regen/leech. You will be out of energy/fury all the time. Resource mythics should be put on Helmet or Ring as this items have imo worst mythics thata are useless. At chest you can get ruptured for example, +50% damage if target is bleeding and you have a bleed chance. Change one Crystal hp% affix to 225% crystal luck affix. Will give you better luck, more hp and all resists since you have fauna pet.
You’ve chosen torrent as your main skill so you should switch 5000 weapon damage on main hand to offhand since main hand weapon damage will not affect off hand skill. This will boost your torrent damage significantly, 2400-4000 +5000 = 7400-9000 which is more than 100% buff for torrent.
For sets, change one affix of cerebral vortex and defiant to different set that you dont have to make use of + all sets mythstones. For example, one defiant affix to Momentum (you don’t need to have bonus move speed for set to give you damage buff) and one cerebral vortex affix to Inferno since you are using fire. All stat points invest to strenght if you don’t have problems to survive or if you have strong survivability problem invest them into hp and change Might talent on chest to hardened. For skills I would suggest keeping torrent maxed out and the rest of points put into Intelligence(Faun’s Gift with luck will buff this skill) then strenght or if you want go for Fortunate for more luck, gold find and item drops.
Also change the natures of the items. The protection is not good nature, change them to Elementalist for damage buff or Luck for better items, survivability and all resists.

This is only an advice, you always decide whats best :slight_smile: You will need some nice amount of crystal if you follow that.

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I appreciate it! Thank you

What would you say is better, fire or poison?

I think the poison is best at killing many monsters at one time thanks to played set but fire is definitely better at killing one or several strong monsters for example mythic/legend enemies. Just look what suits you more, the crystals for changing fire to another element you want are easy to obtain on great quantity.

outch 5k armor lol and your Resist this wont get you anywhere at all bro what type of set do u want to build?

poison for defensive and Dps

just trying to clear high floors


750+ Mythic 3

total max damage?

My torrent can kill pretty quickly so idk

try plagued or vampiric touch