Warrior build pls help

What mythic is more suitable for warrior farm type, equivalence or harmony? I have energy mythic on my ring atm pls help

energy is enough for warrior

Im using energy nova brutal arc empyrean, what should i put on my helm?

What mythic should i put on my helm?

energy is good for warrior bloodmagic is also viable … no need to craft mythic on ur helm waste of slot affix. use santuary on amulet realy helpful on survival. on chest stay on brutal if u got 40-50%+ deadly strike w/ max cdmg if ur using toss skills or scalp use ruptured on ur chest great dmg boost on bleed enemies on ur oh nova is good vanish is also better in terms of survival … enigma is pretty good and cool to use

if u go pve try to save as much affix slot as u can to put important legend affixes such as elemcrit, elemcritdmg, movementspeed, glasscannon(if u dont build tanky)

u dont eed to craft all mythic on all ur gears to be strong cuz some are just waste of slot in pve most important mythic to craft are the resource system thosw are energy, bloodmagic, equivalence and etc

mostly warriors craft cosmic orb mythic on mh for aoe dmg and cc

Im using sprint whirlwind, so instead of arc on main weapon are u suggesting that ill go for the cosmic orb? Tnx in advance :slight_smile:

arc is good too but base on my xperience from both mythics i prefer cosmic orb since it has long duration of dmg and also deal dmg in large area and also proc well unlike arc i dont see it procing so much compare to cosmicorb and it can deal dmg to multiple enemies

Thank you very much sir :slight_smile:

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I put energy at my helm so no idea on it sorry