Warrior Build

So i was looking at my build options and i noticed that a lot of people use Torrent.Well i know that Druidic is very good.Should i invest in this build for PVP or PVE?

Druidic is mainly for PVE. You can use it in pvp but only when you have
a full understanding of the affixes because it’s tricky to put it together.

Torrent skill? torrent proc or Cerebral vortex set?

Torrent Proc i do believe

I think you are referring to cerebral vortex that spawns torrent when your char is hit.
Yeah, that’s a really good Set, although nerfed, a lot of players still use it. It’s so good it’s
one of the reason PVP became imbalanced

@f00kee what did you mean about full understanding of the affix ?? Im interesting on druidic set

You can use the regeneration buff from Druidic to synergize with your resource system in PVP.

Like what ??

Druidic and equality are good combi add a 2000 regen ??

For pvp not really, that’s alot of slots just for regen and you wont have enough slots for other essential pvp affixes.

Regen or HP hit on PVP or another HP ?? For you which is the best ??

I think just stack hp and damage reduction is better,cuz regen/leach will weaker facing higher damage player.For example,560k damage in less than 10s,how much can you heal? :sweat_smile: