Warrior fast farming build

[Note: I am still putting this together]

Ok, i have returned from a couple months vacation, and in order to catch up with all the recent changes i had to make a decent farming build:)

So, here’s what i have come up with so far as the fastest warrior farming build.

Disclaimer: don’t take it as a full game guide or the one_and_only_best_way_of_farming. it’s just a mix of personal preferences and impressions:)

Mythics (work in progress, for now i am only using these):

  • Hunter
  • Nova

After multiple set affix mixes i’ve decided to use the following (all but one added via crystals):

  1. Necklace: Rage (gives loads of damage - will be nerfed soon;)
  2. Chest: Zealotry (must-have - you are running at the speed of light which is a direct farming multiplier for warrior) IMPORTANT: Use shield/hammer
  3. Shield: Blood Magic (just not to bother with resources)
  4. Momentum (works well with zealotry, but you can replace that with anything you want); Alternative: Vampiric touch / Defiant (gives you survivability)
  5. Hammer: Crystalized (well, it’s a hammer, and it’s crystalized)
  6. Helm: Spell Sword (yeah-yeah, nerf it more, Diieter, i’ll still use it :dieter: )
  7. Pet: Pathfinder

Legendary affixes (not all, just the key ones):

  1. Ignore resist (always. forever. and ever.)
  2. +2 set numbers => x2
  3. +2 Multiattack => x2
  4. +2 All skills x2
  5. +2 All talents x2
  6. +10 Fortune (crystalized hammer)
  7. Pick-up radius (must-have)
  8. Blinkstrike proc (my personal flavour;)


  1. Extra attack x2
  2. Deadly strike x1
  3. Crushing blow x1
  4. 40% item drops
  5. 50% dmg for weapon

Other affixes are custom. Basically, you want to maximize your EHP and Dmg output as always. First of all, i maxed out dodge, crit chance and crit_dmg%.

Ok, how it works:

Although Mythic 3 is totally doable with the same build - ep2-4 has just proven to be more profitable.
With ~9 mob-seeking comets per hit you just run and spam your mainhand skill from time to time. all you see on your screen is numerous comets. when you reach the actual mobs, all you have to do is to collect the loot. ez:)

Blinkstrike addition: if anything doesn’t die right away, you tp to that [fat ogre] and push 9 comets right into him;) also helpful for looting)

Great guide!

What’s the floor you are farming on?