Warrior for Arena , Armor or E Ressist?

I have 78k in All ressist
But my Char weak > his AL

other pistol users can only deal max 8k-11k dmg when critical hits and 20k-30k when deadly hits different from Hetzer AI, when critical damage enters it can be up to 19k-35k critical per hit and 55k-70k per hit Amazing gunner
sometimes winning 1vs1 with a wizzard battle mage/tanker, but not against a pistoler like him, Amazing gunner sir @NUIQUE
maybe enigma is one of the reasons for tanker/Battle mage users to counter

With tanker/battlemage My toon can kill him easy

I cant make richo burst :joy: teach me plz


Trinkets have an affix called Armor Piercing (it reduces the effectiveness of AR :crying_cat_face: ), so most players just go with All Resist. if you use Unity Mythic and a few +400% Element Resist, that is even more protection. or use both Armor and All Resist.

and defeating Pistol users is hard work.


Thanks for informations

My Suggestions for a warrior user you need to build with guardian set’s because i hope it is good for a warrior user this seasons.


the gear status of the guardian set is focused on Armor, balance and regeneration I’ve never used this set before
can you give a little idea how the build you mean sir @HawkEye ? will it be similar to Immortal / regen mp absorb(permafrost)+harmony?