Warrior frozen/ice build hel

Can someone help me I’m trying to find items to make an ice build for a warrior I got somewhat decent gear I’ll type below if u can help please tell me how and where to find the item or how to apply something to it I’m a newbie too but everything i have was self knowledge until i found this site thank you.here is gear. Helms is masochist with masochist set affix, element crit 23 percent, barbarian 47 percent, 4 all champion ( for might ), 4700 ice damage, and 14 percent freeze. My next item is my: lance: permafrost set affix , glasscannon 50 percent, element crit 24 percent, weapon damage 5000, and weapon damage percent 100. Next item is my shield: it has nova , zealotry , all champion 5 , 94 percent ice damage, 24 percent element crit, 7500 mp, my next item is my body : with skilled mythic, arethral drain set, glasscannon 50 percent, 98 percent frost biting , and 4 all champion, my next item is : my amulet: it has permafrost set, 2 all skills, 2 all sets , 27 percent elemental crit, 18 percent ice damage, and 4800 ice damage. My next item is my: ring: electrified set, 2 all sets, 95 percent ice damage , 47 percent push the limit, 26 percent elemental crit, and 4700 ice damage.

Welcome to DQ :grinning: To start lose the electrified set affix by removing it and add frozen set affix with amythests. Then change all weapon damage affixes into ice damage by rerolling them. Elemental critical chance is capped at 40 percent. So don’t go crazy there. Storm as a skill or proc would help. Just some starters pal. You can loose the 20% Ice damage.

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that is a nice start for an Ice Build.

here is a post I made for someone asking a question about whether an old Ice Build is still good. you can see the items used at the beginning of the Thread. the focus for that Build was the Horn, but you can tweak it for any Class or Weapon.

Wow thanks i got mutiny today I added 1m to my dps I do 100m now dps