Newb Exchange Nadroji armor and hunter Ring?

Hi there,

Im relative new, I’m currently a farming warrior

with Wizard Hireling (storm plague ethereal drain)
My3 floor 400 to 500
Warrior crystal set Hammer and mainly Spamming Scalp on a green powerful living Force offhand.

My question us, I now found 2 Nadroji Gear (Ring and Armor).
Those give a 100%enemy rarity and + 2set…

Im considering to swap.with


I wear armor to highest block.
I wear ring to have Hunter perk, mana etc because I sometimes change other gear to be versatile.on having enough mana to spam my scalp.

So what do you think should I swap Nadroji with these 2 items or keep the Hunter Perk and greater Block with a Throw Build Atm.

Is the Nadroji Set and ~200%Rare Legendrate worth it?

It’s.not the.topic just some background:
My original farm until yesterday was with Whirlwind with a Green Travesty Axe Epic Floor 400 yo 500. But to find some My3 specific Item and use the Crystal Set I’m trying this atm-

Also for whirlwind at My3 I need more defence somewhere which I cannot get atm. Otherwise Bosse @ my3 pay more.moemy than I earn. Again just Background.

To.complement here main weapons depending on if I play whirlwind or Scalp (varying).

Screen3: On the Left Green Vibroedge, on the right green Travesty Axe. (The Eve gets a Crystal Hammer as partner for The set bonus) (The Axe gets a Defensive Dodge block Horn as Partner)

haha, those are tough choices. I would use the Nadroji Ring since it has the +2 Set. you only need to use the Hunter Ring when you activate a Shrine, then switch back to the Nadroji Ring. or make a Hunter Nadroji Ring so that you don’t have to spend time switching Rings.

if you don’t feel comfortable giving up the Block on the Eternal Indra’s Boon, then don’t. the Nadroji Bonus is used for really focused Farm Builds, but isn’t necessary for all Farm Builds.

by the way, are you still getting Perks?

Thanks. Yea less block is noticeable.

Not really it takes too long to only exp for me (exp multiplier too high after got a few perks even though I’m on maps with +1500% exp sometimes epic difficulty prior to this).
And I don’t prefer to stay on Floor 100+

  • Hence I’m farming higher stages while getting some exp at the same time, so + exp% I have only on 2 pieces via socket now, and I have a hireling which reduces the Bonus somehow. (Before I had about +180% exp in solo game without Hireling)

when a Main & Hireling are gaining experience there is a small boost, but the experience is also averaged between the two. also, if there is a difference in the levels of the Main & Hireling, the one with more experience gets a small penalty, and the one with the lower experience gets a bigger penalty, and the bigger the difference in levels, the bigger the penalties.

I noticed all that in the Stats window. For instance level d8fference decreasing exp bonus a lot.

EXCEPT the exp share I tried with different gear is not averaged… I gave exp to one, and the other didn’t recieve any extra % in the stat overview (most bottom window). Instead indeed the self exp boost was indeed halfed… So from 180% in solo to about 130 in party game decrease. While other char stays at about 55% (just approximate values of memory).

Because if that I don’t use any exp on the helper…

Are you telling me the tooltip is wrong again?Yes you are :slight_smile:

the first is a post in a Thread on this subject, and the other is a Thread by same person on subject of Experience & Hirelings.

originally, the problem was the Experience Boost from the Shop and how it interacted with a Solo Character, and then with a Main & Hireling. then it was a question of the difference in experience gain when using a Main & Hireling (same level and different) vs. using a Solo Character.

these are the 2 Threads I get most of my info for experience. I think I might have explained it a little wrong, so I hope these posts help more than I did.

Thanks thanks @golem

Ps Uh 2nd thread very long, I read through half.

As for the topic
I don’t think I will use the hireling for a pure 50 to 100 the investment for exp% on both seems too much for just one character (and the 100 not benefiting from any averaged value) rather than Soloing (if you want pure exp). I don’t have all those exp stones or crystal gear (that I could exchange with exp crystals ). Also I’m not sure wether I will main the warrior all the time.

A bit crap it won’t work from the hireling, so if I’m using a 5x as warrior as my hireling it won’t do anything. (Except the dealer) . So I can’t go all out pure exp strategy. Hence I’m combining it with clearing floor 400 atm to also find some exceptional legendaries perhaps As Well As raising the 400+ feats.

That being said with My3 (400) there is a clear difference in exp gained.

While I also want to play my rogue*s a bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But My jasper crystals are quite space.

I didn’t have any time to play or read the past weeks, I will see now a bit.

Thanks again for tips.

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no problem. I soloed my Wizard for getting his Perks, and am trying out a Rogue Main & Warrior Hireling Ascending for Perks. very different experience in gaming for sure.

looks like you have a plan, so keep having fun as you improve your gaming experience with DQ!