Warrior Help for Noob

Hey guys, I am interested in starting the game but not sure what is the best Axe build that I can get early on and then what will work later as better options come open. As well as what will be best spending in terms of stats and in terms of heroic points.

My intention is to run PVM before I get a chance to jump into PVP so I am looking forward to hear from you.

Many Thanks.

in the early game, that is your chance to learn what works best for you as you are leveling up.

doing a Search :mag: on Axe will help give you ideas and see what others have asked or mentioned on the subject.

since you are just starting…
Farm Build - build with Luck & Gold Find, maybe Item Drop, to get better Items and more Gold to make it easier to make better builds.

Floor Climbing Build - focus on damage and survival on higher & higher floors. how far an you go!

Ascending Build - getting Perks makes a Farming Build even better, but isn’t necessary. up to you.

I’m still learning about Warriors, which is why I suggested doing a Search.

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Hey mate, sorry for late reply, I have dabbed a little in the game and created an ok build that lets passive deal arcane dmg to anything around me which helps eliminate objects for loot imp and also mainly spin to win with axe and boost in dmg and elemental as well as sprint proc and storm proc which makes wonders so far at the level that i am which is fire map a second time from when i started dealing 200k with crits giving chance for double dmg which is fine but need to work on my survivability now heh

For high end survivability (floor 500+), hp are merely a suggestion. Focus on block and dodge, and maybe add Sanctuary mythic.
On a side note, the skill Smokebomb makes it so you dodge the next attack, but that’s mid.

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