Warrior help taunt whirlwind?

Is it possible to make a whirlwind with taunt build?
I have been scrolling through the builds but I cannot find one that fits. For a newer ish player

Yes. You can use either on your offhand or proc.

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Better if you change your offhand skill to taunt so that you can timing the whirlwind to maximize the damage of whirlwind

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you can use the Taunt Proc Talent that Warriors have, add the Legend Taunt Proc to your Gears, use Totem with Taunt, or use a Crystal to change your OH Skill to Taunt. the last 2 are best, as you can use it when needed, like @Berot said. the other 2, just hold down Whirlwind and hope Taunt Procs. if the Talent or Proc is high enough, you can get Taunt often enough it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

don’t forget to have a good Cool Down %, or you will end up waiting for Taunt to finish it’s cool down and might end up dead…


Excellent thank you

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