Warrior help

Can someone tell me why my whirlwind dmg is so low… I’ve seen people with 100mil+.

I am currently on floor 273mythic 1 or/and floor 250ish mythic 3. So can anyone help me get a better understanding of this game and what I need to look for to get more dmg.

Show your build and we can help you


Haha sorry I forgot the most important part to link. I was tired last night XD

I have +40 to whirlwind and +30 to strength

I’m using whirlwind build as well. Got all points on HP and still doing an average of 30m+ on floor 400 to 500. You might want to try either Plagued or Druidic set since your Pet’s affix comes with Poison damage. Also try putting a legend Blight affix on your MH or OH and reroll it to 100%, an epic Toxic affix and reroll to 15%, and epic Poison Damage to all gears. But since you’re still on 200+ floors I suggest building a farming set first. You can prioritize building a damage set later once you get enough crystals for crafting.

I almost forgot socketing Crushing Blow mythstones, at least one or two will do. With this I’m able to get 100m - 200m damage every time the poison cloud procs.

Legend blight affix?

Also what should I do for a farming set? And what do you think of my current gear?

E/ and how will poison damage help my whirlwind?

These are the three Druidic pieces I have. Do you think using these would be better?( It drops my whirlwind dmg by 1mil) and if you do think it’s better what should I change the affixes to?

Use crystal to craft item
Create a pure offence gear
But first !!! Farm hard until you have enough crystal take note: hundred-thoudsand different type of crystal you will need to create a powerful gear :laughing::laughing::laughing: goodluck farming

Tips- farm at the night and pilot your account to anyone at the day just keep farming


See that Blight affix on your Wildhide? You should at least get two of them on two different gears and max them to 100%. Also don’t forget to have at least 1 Toxic affix if there’s still none. Blight affix increases the overall damage of Poison Cloud which procs when you have Toxic affix on. If you change your weapons element to poison, any Poison Damage affix you have on your gears and pet will add up to your overall power. Higher overall power = higher whirlwind damage. Also, going for poison build (they call that Green Garden i guess) will help you a lot in wiping off packs of mobs in seconds.

I would suggest converting that Eternal Thanatos into crystal and rerolling the stats on your Legend Wildhide using diamonds instead. Try to make it to 100% blight.

What resource system are you using? Just curious :smiley:

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Btw, if you use glasscannon and energy, would that mean your HP is relatively low. Won’t you get one shot by mobs with that? Sorry I’m still new so I still have lots to know

Yeah u can kill lot of mobs in just a second froxzen affix is the main set of this build and for survival dodge may help you this build can stand at 1700floor trying to reached 2k floor :laughing: best build for farming ive created

Poison farming needs plauged set
Ice farming needbfrozen set
And for fire ?? Hmmmm im not finish creating fire farming build maybe nxt or nxtweek i will finish that fire makes your map burning :laughing: i like this

Fire = Infierno set

Omg that dmg. Haha so much info on this page. It’s good, but it’s a lot lol

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for now add +10 whirlwind affix in 4 items, with 40 whirlwind hero stat points it will increase your whirlwind damage drastically and its very cheap too just use saphire to get whirlwind affix.

oh so you have +40 whirlwind already, try to use adventure + momentum combo on set affix. it will drastically increase your damage.

I don’t have any adventure sets so I need to find them?
And by momentum do you mean movement speed?