Warrior help


@D_MESSIAH Mr_Spooky :joy:


Pangahazz IGN in arena ithink "Mr_Spooky…


Well golem you really help I tried to read about them but they lots of informations
I think I just pissed off because I couldn’t learn much I need

I think it’s enough for now
I’ll play this game on other time
When I know much as I can


the more you play the more you learned… so why play this game in other time… if you want to know this game…


I think that I’m not that much interested
You know more like have easy things


we all have our own pace when it comes to playing games. I played DQ for a year, but wasn’t really serious, just killing monsters and trying to figure out which class to use when I only had one character slot. on top of that, I was really into another game at the time. but that game went bad for me and I got serious with DQ, about the time when Patch 3.0 came out. that was also the time I really took a look at the Perks and decided I really wanted them. so I just learned what I could while playing and working towards getting the Perks, and I had been reading the Forums for about 6 months before I became Golem here, so I learned a lot. I still do searches to find information about the game when I have new ideas for Builds.


it was the same with me as well.


You are really good player and good soul
You loved help people God blessed you
I appreciate what you’ve done here for me
I’ll try to keep up good work after I read your comment right now
It’s really have to be ( no pain no gain )
I most work hard to be advanced player

Thank you


I need some help to give me some tips if yacan