Warrior help

Hi every one

I need some info about damage
My main Atk 45k
And I’m low damage around 222k-450k
I see some people do 1m and above
What’s exactly stats that make my damage high

Last thing what’s Arcane? I don’t understand it

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I think arcane damage is weapon damage with no elements. I may be wrong

How can be ? I need more info about arcane cause is show up in most of gear

If you dont have element on your build you do arcane.

I need elements for resist

Time for @Golem to answer this.

Well I’m waiting and thank you for your time dickwad

Arcane Element: this is one of the 5 Elements you can put on your Weapons, other Items, Pets, and Trinkets. you can find Items with Arcane or use Calcite to change the Element of the Item. think of it as a Base Element, Foundational Element, or an Ancient Element, with the other four Elements being more recent, mutated, or specialized versions of the Arcane Element.

starting Characters and Characters who go back to Level One after choosing a Perk have Level 1 Equipment that are all Arcane Element.

any Campaign or Challenge Map you are in is one of four Elements: Poison, Shock, Ice, and Fire. because of this, all monsters on these Maps have Resistance to the Element of the Map. this also means that monsters don’t have Resistance to Arcane Element, since there are no Arcane Element Maps. monsters might have Monster Affixes applied to them randomly. the more powerful the monster, the better the chances, and up to 6 Affixes. 2 affixes we want to look at are Greatly Resists (Greatly Resist Arcane reduces Arcane damage by 75%) & Immune to Element (Immune to Arcane reduces Arcane damage by 100%). monsters normally don’t have any resistance to Arcane Element, unless they have one or both of these affixes. Ignore Resist and Elemental Weaken can get around this problem, but you can’t have both, Ignore Resist overwrites Weaken.

Prismatic: this is a Wizard Talent. it has a chance to change the Element of your attack to another Element. the Ascendant Set and Element Set can also do this. if your Weapon is Arcane Element, attacks will be Arcane with a chance to be one of the other four Elements. if your Weapon is one of the other four Elements, Fire for example, your attacks will be Fire with a chance to be Ice, Poison, or Shock, but not Arcane.

Elemental Resist (Arcane) +400%: this is useless in the Campaign part of DQ. there are no monsters who do Arcane Damage. having this on your Equipment is like having a monster put a sign on your back that says ‘this is my weak spot, hit me here!’. this might be usable on some PVP Builds for the Battle Arena.

Orbit & Celestial: Orbit is the Elemental Critical for Arcane Element. it is a ball of Arcane energy that forms at the location of the Character and spins outwards, similar to the animation for the Warrior Scalp skill. so if you are using ranged attacks against monsters, they might be out of range of Orbit if they are far enough away. if you are using the Living Force Set, the Orbit will spin back to the center of the spiral, similar to the animation of the Rogue Whirling Blades Skill, doing even more damage on the way back. Celestial is the Elemental Critical Damage for Orbit. it gives +100% damage to Orbit.

basically, in the early game, Arcane Element is the way to go, but on higher floors, because of the way Orbit works, either use it with builds that get close up and personal to the enemy or use it with another Element.


Lol hope it helps :slight_smile:

So should I remove all elements and do arcane on my gears to get high damage ?

Another thing I put my resist of all elements 5400 and I’m in floor 500 still getting high damage from monsters 25k 20k and sadly I’m on very easy difficult

What should I do do avoid enemy damage and do high damage on them
I need change difficulty from very easy
But I’m my stats still anworthy

You should invest on your Dodge or Block. Also you can try crafting Sanctuary Mythic on your amulet.

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How craft it ? Or where it can drop?

Make sure your amulet have 4 empty sockets available. You can craft Sanctuary Mythic by combining Mythic Stones: Mentor, Wisdom, Endow and Return.

I craft it but it unworthy stats max hp on it 3666 my eternlize amulet has 12500 hp


So should I remove all elements and do arcane on my gears to get high damage ?

you can get high damage with any Element by itself, a combination of Elements, or even using Prismatic, which lets you use all Elements. the Class, Talents, Affixes, Sets that you use can affect how you do when it comes to doing damage.

Another thing I put my resist of all elements 5400 and I’m in floor 500 still getting high damage from monsters 25k 20k and sadly I’m on very easy difficult

What should I do do avoid enemy damage and do high damage on them
I need change difficulty from very easy
But I’m my stats still anworthy

just so you know, even if you make a build that has the maximum Resistance, Armor, HP, and Damage Reduction you can put on one set of Equipment, so that the monsters do only .000001% damage to you, eventually, even on Very Easy, you will reach a floor where monsters will start one hitting your for the kill.

as @PaNgaHazZz said, putting +60% Dodge, +60% Block, and Sanctuary Mythic on your Equipment is the better way to go. right now, my Farm Build has +60% Dodge and +45% Block and is doing good at surviving. I was experimenting with Reflect Damage, so it can’t go to floors over 300 at the moment, but I clean up the monsters and collect loot on floor 110 M3 pretty well. right now, you have so many affixes for surviving that you probably don’t have much room for affixes to kill monsters.

go to the Codex and look at the Legend Items for the Class you are using, and find the Nadroji Ring and Necklace to see where you can get them. they have affixes that can help you improve your build in the early game until you find the more powerful Crystals and Myth Stones.

the way I started playing DQ was I decided to get all 6 Perks to boost my Farming abilities. I learned a lot while Ascending for Perks. then when I got all 6 Perks, I made 3 or 4 different Farm Builds. I learned even more about how to kill monsters. Ascending Builds are focused on getting Experience and killing monsters and maybe a little farming if you have the room. Farm Builds are focused on getting Loot and killing monsters. Climbing Builds are all about killing monsters and nothing else.

in the Dictionary part of the Codex, it explains what the Mythic affixes do. in the Mythic part of the Codex, it lists the Mythic affixes by the item they go on and what Myth Stones you need to create them.


I’m sorry for bothering you
I really want climp high as I can

Can you sending me pics
Of what items exactly on codex
So I can try craft them

What is the importance for getting low damage on my hero

I haven’t played Warrior enough to give good advice for good items. Armor, Resistance, Damage Reduction. for lower floors, these are good affixes to have. but the higher floors you climb to, no matter what difficulty, monsters eventually do so much damage that they can kill you with one hit. even if you max out Armor, Resistance and Damage Reduction. that’s why Farm Builds are not for Climbing. you can make them go to some pretty high floors with a good Farm Build, but eventually they will hit a wall. Climbing Builds are all about killing and climbing. because you can’t waste space on reducing damage with all those affixes, you end up going for Dodge, Block, and maybe Sanctuary Mythic to stay alive, and all other affixes are for killing monsters. I think there are some Climbing Builds that have low defense and just kill monsters fast before they know what hit them.

I don’t know how much you have read on other players Warrior Builds, but there are many different ones. there are a lot of different combinations of affixes, so it is possible to make a build that fits the way you would like to dominate monsters while climbing floors.

I would suggest trying out the different weapons to get an idea of the damage they do, and the way different Skills work, and try out different Talent combinations. one reason I don’t just copy builds in the Forums is I want to try out my own Builds. there are lots of great ideas in those builds, and I use some of them, but that is the other reason I don’t just copy builds. I need to see my builds in action to see how different affixes work together with Talents and Skills. this helps me get more ideas and also helps me understand what kind of builds I run into in the Battle Arena against other players Characters.

before you look at items in the Codex, take a look in the Dictionary for Affixes, Sets, and Mythics. that way, when you look at the Items in the LegendEx, you know what they are. and look in the Forums for a list of Sets and Legend Affixes that can’t be rolled, so you don’t waste a lot of Crystals trying to get something you can only get by finding it on an item.

here is one post that will be a big help when you start crafting.