Warrior highlevel Eternal Farm Build?

It’s been awhile since I played, and I used to use a slightly modified version of the gyroscopic slug build to farm floors 351-400 (back when this was the highest useful farm floor). Now, with the added legends and such, and the push to reach ever-higher floors, I thought I’d come back to the game.

I’d like to start farming floor 751-800 for the new items, and eternal drops, but my current build seems to have been nerfed. It feels alot weaker than it used to be, and I’m starting to see large slowdowns and problems with thorns enemies around level 500.

What’s a good warrior eternal farm build for 751-800? I’d like to keep eternalized and +luck/item drop somewhere, since I’m eternal farming, but other skills are up for grabs (don’t care about gold find). For reference, I’ve attached my current gear, and the two legend pets I’ve got right now (no eternal pets yet! current;y I’m using the plagued dog).

The Running Man Build seems useful, but has very little +item/luck, and doesn’t have eternalized, so I;d have to modify it quite a bit to make it work, and I’m not sure what synergies I could safely drop without gutting the build entirely. Is gyroscopic slug still viable? My WW is only doing 18M dps, but maybe I need to swap a skill out? Any other options?

TLDR: Need a build to farm eternals level 751-800, gyroscopic slug is getting iffy at 500+. Ideas?

You have almost to no Critical dmg. You should’ve switched deadly strike for critical dmg imo. I would aslo switch bloodmagic to energy mythic. You won’t have problems with resources and your damage will go higher than with the blood magic.
You can change your MH for Ragnarok (Defiant, stronger than permafrost in your build imo + legend affix 100% weapon damage, powerfull enemies past floor 100) so you can save one affix.
Next I would suggest to change the off hand to Insolence. You will get Legend affix +100% elemental dmg instead of epic +20%. Found past floor 200 from epic+ monsters.
Armor to Aether Wrap (wizards exclusive past floor 400) so you will get another legend elemntal damage (they are really powerfull affixes).
Add elemental critical to make use of frostbiting.

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Ah, that might be the problem - thanks for the advice! Please could you see if this update looks good? When i made the build originally, i had quite a bit of critical damage from skill synergies that don’t seem to be there anymore (rage, for example). None of the +elemental legends existed at that time either, etc.

So following your advice, the best way to maximize out a gyroscopic build would be:

MH: Ragnarok with WW special:
Crit chance (crystal)
+100% weapon damage
+5000 weapon damage
+5000 frost damage

OH: Insolence
Faun’s gifts
Critical damage (originally deadly strike)
+100% ice damage (originally 20%)

Armor: Aether wrap
Dodge (crystal)
+100% icedamage (originally +5 talents)
+10000 HP

Head: boundlesss cap
+luck (crystal)
+elemental critical (originally +5 talents)
+5000 ice damage (originally +5 whirlwind)

Ring: (unchanged)
+resist (crystal)
+1% hp on hit
ignore resist

Adventurer (originally blood magic)
+total HP (crystal)
Energy mythic (originally +5 whirlwind)

Pet: stitch (plagued)

One major problem with this: insolence wouldn’t be able to give me sprint, since it’s an axe. On the other hand, with the double sprint proc, this shouldnt be a problem, so nevermind. I went ahead and dropped the +talents, since thats not so useful - replaced with +icedamage and +elementalcritical. One of the +WW was dropped for energy.

A bigger problem is the whole energy system - my build consists of nothing but spamming WW constantly - wouldnt this drain energy in a hurry? (If I leave it as mana though, I’m back to the problem of needing to put in a way to get back mana somehow)

What would you change the OH special to? I find torrent works pretty well if i spawn them on champions in between whirlwinding.

I have one set slot left, since I dropped blood magic. What should I use here? I put in adventurer as a placeholder since it seems fairly useful. What is better? I’d love to stick on a nadroji, but I’m not sure how well I’d survive on floor 700 without the extra set bonus? Likewise, is there anything better than rage, since the crit damage part seems bugged?

How do I deal with thorns enemies. This is the biggest problem I have right now, and this set doesnt seem to address it much. Again, the set’s goal is to let me farm for eternals (and high-level exclusive legends) on floor 700+. I already have a rogue build I use for farming crystals/crystal legends (for crafting).

Finally, the +5 whirlwind boost is nice and all, but only gets me about 30% damage and 2%speed. (the +skills are more useful since they buff sprint and torrent as well). What should I replace this with? Maybe a +5000 ice damage? (reflected in above build)

Sets: plauged, (adventurer?), rage, eternalized, momentum, faun’s gifts, defiant
Crystals: crit chance, crit damage, dodge, luck, resist all, total hp

Thanks for reading the looong update, and hope to hear back from you soon!

If you drop insolence on a wizard and you change it to a warrior class you will get the horn with Sprint.

If you don’t have cooldown reduction energy will replenish enough resource for you to spam ww all the time and well be 70-100% full. Also if you get low on energy becouse of spamming not only ww you can use mana pot :stuck_out_tongue:

On the OH I’m using taunt, but I need it too sometimes lure mobs into poison cloud. You can use whatever you feel is good.

Adventurer gives nice move speed bonus so if you want to go fast it’s good set. Rage may seems bugged, but it’s more that description is bugged. It increases you critical damage by crit chance, but you need to have both affixes in the first place. With Crystal crit chance and damage it will increase your crit damage from 225% to 360% cap. Also if you need more toughness you can switch adventurer set to battle mage (100% hp and armor bonus).

Thorn enemies are problem for me too. If they don’t die before the stun ends I leave them for a second (do they can be stunned again) and taunt them back to me so I don’t get hit by them while hp is low becouse of thorns. Also more mobs with them is your friend so you can heal on them while tanking thorns.

Whirlwind you could replace for elemental critical damage (frostbiting). You could also try going shock build not ice so you can change elemental critical to high voltage (sane as frostbiting but shock type) becouse fanaticism stun works as elemental critical. In fact every stun works for shock. Also you will get done damage reduction on the mobs you hit.

For the Crystal affixes I would change dodge to block becouse dodge is 30% max and block is 45% max and you have talents that could make use of block if you want. BUT, you can have block on OH only.

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I Not understand rage bug, i must have rage And crit damage in the same item?

No you just need overall both crit chance and crit damage affixes for it to increase critical damage. Armor increase works fine though.

If i have crystal affix crit chance 45 And crystal affix crit damage 225, with rage My crit damage is 350?

Is about ~400 but 350 is cap. 5x rage of course (2x +2 all sets).

I have an eternal helm when I hit floor 21

Oh good, thanks for clarification

Will try out energy! It might be a few weeks since I have to farm up some items via the rogue/wizard, but I’llg et back to you on how it works. I’ll try torrent first on the OH (going to try and farm a horn), and if thorns still kills me alot, go taunt. Torrent skilllvl 30 has an 11% CD reduction, so definitely good to know that mana potions work with it too.

With permafrost out of the picture, there’s absolutely no reason to go frost, so shock it is! The stuns might also help with thorns. Not sure on the WW yet - will either swap it for high voltage or +shock damage - will have to see what gives me the most damage. Momentum synergizes well with adventurer, so will keep adventurer for now, although battle mage is a good option if I find enemies killing me later on; again, I’ll have to try and see what works.

As far as block vs dodge, pathfinder procs off dodge, which I don’t have, and I can’t see any sets that synergize with block…I’ll probably cap out dodge, then start on block if I go over cap. Am I missing something? Do both block and dodge negate all damage when they proc?

Thanks again!

But when you use 5x Epiphany, the crit damaged is 375

I’m not sure this build will be able to take advantage of epiphany very well. It’s something to consider for later perhaps, but first I need to get to the levels where that starts dropping, in any case. Plus, giving up adventurer for epiphany may well be a dps loss since I don’t think any of my dps stats are currently over cap.

Yes, block and dodge works the same. With 5x epiphany critical damage cap is 437.5 not 375 and critical chance is 75.

I wanted up give an update to this. I will update once again once I reach floor 750 and begin farming 750-800, as originally planned.

I farmed up the necessary items on my rogue, and now have the warrior built as per this build. 1 minor difference: as suggested, I used block on the OH and crit damage on the armor, since I don’t have any other skills or talents that differentiate between the two, and it’s an extra 15% bonus.

So far, I’m in the 650s floorwise, and not running into any major problems. The only issues I’ve had are with Mythic and Legendary bosses with thorns, and even then, they’re usually killable, just annoying. I still have another 150 floors to survive while in farmmode for this build to be a success however, so we shall see. Torrent in this build doesn’t do much damage (3-5mil a tick), but is good for keeping things going on strong enemies while moving. I might swap this to something else. Whirlwind can do 350M+ a tick, and ticks fast.

Overall, this is still, to me, the most fun build in the game, and definitely the one that will keep me playing. A bit more on how it matches up to other builds:

Rogue 1012 Flashfarm : This is the build I used to farm warrior items. It is the best build in the game, by far at running floors 500-550 for crystals and mythstones. If you need to get the parts for custom items, this build is for you. It’s more boring, however, and slows down at 550+, espcially since i don’t have movement speed bonuses. It’s still usable, though slow, at 600-625 for farming epiphany items, but it is NOT fun at those levels. This build will give you the most legendary items per level, and I regularly get multiple rare crystal drops and crystal legends, and even obsidian drops, from this build. Great for farming crystals on 500-550, not too much fun otherwise.

On the other extreme, we have the Green Garden build This is mostly a ladder climb build, and does the most damage out of the 3. It requires some rampup due to poison cloud, but has no problems at all even on high map floors. It is not a farm build, and has the slowest legendary and crystal rate, but is the most powerful. Swapping out affixes for luck and item drop doesn’t hurt damage too much (depending on what you replace) but will absolutely gut your survival. Still, it’s a great tactic for a hireling to have two gear sets for this guy and have him follow you around in farming gear (as long as you don’t mind hitting ‘revive’ every few pulls). Both my rogue and warrior use him as a hireling. The major problem I’ve noticed with this build (apart from low farming ability) is that poison clouds hate proccing on difficult (orange+) enemies. This isnt a problem with cartographers and enslaves, who are usually surrounded by minions, but can be a major issue for shrine guardians, legendary, and mythic enemies who are often summoned when the majority of the surrounding trash mobs have already been cleared, leaving you with no good way to kill them. This build works best with a melee hireling to keep mobs off you.

Warrior: middle of the road. Not as good crystal find as the rogue, but much more powerful. Not as powerful as the wizard, but very suitable for farming. With rediculous movement speed bonuses, energy, and a constantly procced sprint, it’s really fun, and the fastest level clearer of the three. Although it’s not obvious, it’s also the fastest legendary item farmer. Although the rogue gets more legendaries per level, due to the sheer speed of map clears, the warrior gets many more per minute spent farming. Will check in again at 750+, but this is by far my favorite build to play so far (still), and occupies a good compromise spot between floor climbing and farming. And really, there’s no reason to go beyond 750-800 right now, as thats the highest legendary item bracket (and only for wizards, so you can safely stay at 600-650 if not using a wizard hireling). No problems at 600-650 except for the very occasional thorns mythic, and extremely speedy clears. Since I don’t have frozen or stun immune (replaced with item drops), I have to be aware of and move out of giant red circles at 600+, but that’s not really a problem as much as an observation.

Keep climbing,

Rogue is probably easiest to kill epic+ monsters, legend and mythic enemies, but for me, the fastest clearing character is warrior with knightscharge. You just run trough monsters with move speed bonus and they die and you can clear maps even in 2 minutes if there are no large open spaces. The only thing that is difficult with warrior is that you need to tank all the damage while with ranged characters you don’t need to. Overall it’s still the players preference what’s best. Every class can clear fast.

Hrmm…if a mod reads this, perhaps this thread should be moved to the guides section? I just realized that between the first 3 posts, this is really a full functional build outline at this point.

I could retype it up as a guide, and repost it there, but am not sure if that would count as a doublepost, or if it would be allowed? If it’s allowed, I’d be better off retyping it, since I could put in final gear stats and options, as well as a more concise explanation of the conclusions reached in the last 17 posts.

Edit: the goal is retype this up as a guide in the next week or two. Maybe by that time I’ll be closer to floor 750 too.

Edit: hit 750 today! seems to going well, no troubles so far except on the occasional nasty legendary enemy or triplethorns spawn…even then theyre killable with a bit of dodging…still planning on posting a guide once I’m sure the build is viable 750-800