Warrior Issue

I am best at dps and always like making an archer and leveling it far. But I wanted to try a warrior too. I hated it! It was so slow and although I didn’t die easily I ran out of mp and was just spitting at enemies. I had the big hammer but the thrown were saving me.

I decided to switch to axes and respecc’d and am using thrown still. It is a combination that I like. I gather everyone up. Spin around. Watch them drop fast.

What went wrong with my hammer? Is it just slow and that’s it? Did I not wait it out until I had a weapon with better stats? I thought a hammer would just shatter everything. But I would slam the ground many times and got very little but out of mana. It was frustrating.

try to pour some mana stats on your warrior… prolly do wonders on the mana prob :I

imho, hammer has the biggest damage among 4 main hand weapons you can choose as a warrior
this may be the reason why it has a huge mana consumption…

mana! Get a blood magic set affix and forget mana ever existed.

I’m with you though. I HATE the hammer. There is an interesting topic in the builds section (“how to destroy the game” or something like that) where he mentions using the hammer with whirlwind. I haven’t been able to create that yet, but it sure sounds awesome.

My “go to” combination right now is an axe/whirlwind with a horn/torrent. Add blood magic, spell sword, and living force as set affixes to your character and you have only HP, no mana, spell sword throws a comet and living force makes the comet return for 50% additional damage on the way back. With some toss on attack, you also toss the axe in some of those comets for even more damage. The comet becomes the MH “attack” and meteor is the MH “special” with spell sword.

Blood Magic is indeed very spectacular, and I would highly recommend it on pretty much every build. I’m not a fan of Spellsword however, if I wanted to be a Wizard, I’d be a Wizard. :wink:

And hammers are in fact the highest damage weapon, no just for warriors, but across all classes. Getting one and changing the special to Whirlwind with a crystal is a very good tactic as was mentioned in Zierhams thread.

Ok I will keep this in mind as I level. I am still new and haven’t yet seen most of the affixes. However I am making note of this thread so I can refer to it again later and take up your suggestions. Thank you.