Warrior MF Build - Completing the Legendex FAST

Hi, I hope you are well reading this!

I wanted to share my experience discovering the build I plan to use on my Warrior to farm floors 1K+. It works like a treat on its own but takes a little while against Mythic Enemies due to how Crushing Blow works - it’s best to use a hireling with this setup using Execute damage so that you can farm at Mach speed.

I want to fill my Legendex quickly, gather resources to make any build I want and have a lotta gold. After I decided that, I started to plan around the ‘MF’ sets; Eternalized, Crystalline, and 2x Nadroji, for the bonus to enemy count, as well as Epiphany for increased Luck and stats.


  • 812% Luck/Gold Find,
  • 250% Item Drops,
  • 90% Elemental Crit,
  • 75% Block,
  • 70% Dodge,
  • 70% Crushing Blow,
  • 70% Cooldown Reduction,


  • Charge is used for mobility, it can be used to travel around the map or (if you turn off “Auto-Target” in “Options - Controls”) you can use it to reliably jump away from AoE explosions and ignore enemies when charging past, instead of landing on top of them.

  • Taunt and Twister are cast to proc Crushing Blow and also CC mobs, usually Taunt is best for clearing White/Blue/Yellow mobs thanks to its bigger AoE and instant pull, whilst Twister is better for Epic+ mobs because of it’s lower CD and the fact that you can overlap them. This increases the amount of hits that each have a chance to proc Crushing Blow - especially useful against Epic+ mobs.

  • Unfortunately Bash is not useful, but the 10% Block from equipping a shield is useful and can’t be passed up on as it’s not a rollable stat and hard to get.

  • Stacking as many affixes related to Magic Find is necessary to ensure more items are found and less time is needed spent farming to accumulate resources, allowing more time to create and tinker with builds for the arena.

  • If maps have Pack Size / Magic / Rare / Epic Enemies, etc. then I suggest to fully clear them, this is easy to do if you purchase maps from the in-game shop and use crystals to add these affixes. Otherwise - as fast as possible - charge to the Cartographer, take the map, and repeat. I try to hold off inventory management until it’s full or just before entering a pack size map so I don’t fill up during the map.


  • Energy makes extra mana useless and we get 1-shot with or without extra life. So to slightly speed up killing times while the hireling is off screen I put all points into Power.

  • Strength, Dexterity, Fortune, Charge, Taunt.


  • It doesn’t actually matter which items you place most affixes on, so long as you include all of the affixes somewhere on your equipment.


  • Craft Immortal Lance and set the Skills, Element, Nature, Quality, and Level,
  • Remove a Socket, and Elemental Damage,
  • Add Time, a Crystal affix, and Legend affix,


  • Craft Emberglow and use a Jasper to convert it to Warrior, then set the Skills, Element, Nature, Quality and Level,
  • Remove MP Absorb, MP Reduce, MP on Hit, and Elemental Crit,
  • Reroll affix values,
  • Add a Socket, then add Time, Crushing Flames, a Crystal affix, Legend affix, and a Legend affix,


  • Craft Nadroji’s Robe, and set the Talent, Element, Nature, Quality and Level,
  • Remove Stun Resist, and Elemental Damage,
  • Add a Crystal affix, Reroll affix values, then add a Legend affix, and Epic affix,


  • Craft Gemmed Crown and set the Talent, Element, Nature, Quality and Level,
  • Remove a Socket, Move Speed, and Pickup Radius,
  • Reroll affix values,
  • Add Time, a Set affix, Crystal affix, Legend affix, and Epic affix,


  • Craft Loop of Epiphany and set the Talent, Element, Nature, Quality and Level,
  • Remove Elemental Damage, Elemental Crit Damage, and Attack Speed,
  • Add 3 Sockets, Hero, Wisdom, Clarity, and Abyss, then add another Socket, and Rebirth,
  • Reroll affix values,
  • Add a Crystal affix, and a Epic affix


  • Craft Nadroji’s Crystal and set the Talent, Element, Nature, Quality and Level,
  • Remove All Skills, All Talents, All Resist, and HP,
  • Add 3 Sockets, Hero, Wisdom, Clarity, and Abyss, then add another Socket, and Elixir,
  • Add a Crystal affix, Reroll affix values, then add a Legend affix,


  • Elements can spawn additional Twisters and increase the amount of hits that each have a chance to proc Crushing Blow - especially useful against Epic+ mobs.
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how’s the performance of the build so far? I only see one change if you feel the need to improve offense a little.

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It’s performed surprisingly well, as long as I pay attention and move away from ground effects I don’t die.

It feels like it has good grouping for fast clears but the damage is basically 0 :joy: so you need a hireling to execute but mine is Mayhem proc based ATM and clears 1000 comfortably

I would be very interested to hear what you think if you don’t mind telling me what you noticed

MH, change Item Drop to Epic +100% Weapon Damage. this will improve your Twister DPS a lot, even though it’s on a Warrior.

the +100% Elemental Damage on Nadroji Chest would be more important to keep than the +5 Pickup Radius.

since Warrior doesn’t have Skill points for Twister, these 2 changes will improve Twister Damage & DPS a lot, and make the Elements Set more powerful when Proc’n the second Twister.

for Head or Ring, replace an Elemental Crit with the Item Drop from the MH. +60% Elemental Crit is good enough.

oops, I was only going to mention the WD% & Elem. Crit., and got carried away with more changes.

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Thanks , that is a very interesting suggestion although I’m not sure if it would actually be a benefit to the build,

The damage on Twister for this build is only 66.8k per hit.

I can see that two 100% increases will approximately be 1 x 2 x 2 = 4 times more damage with your suggestion.

With those changes to damage it would be 334k per hit on Twister, I think is still too low for floor 1000.

I think the difference between 60% and 90% for elemental crit is made more important when that value is the trigger (immolate) to increase Crushing Blow damage by 250% (3.5x).

Against mobs in high floors crushing blow is my main damage dealer for Warrior, so if I can have it activate more often he kills faster.

However I believe the utility from pickup radius is underrated, especially paired with the wrath talent, it allows you to pick up more at once so you are less likely to miss items and can move through the map faster without spending time running around for out of the way loot.

Don’t go to the loot, let the loot come to you :wink:

That does make it faster, and my hireling kills things so this build is purely for MF.

It’s intended to be used with a hireling as well so the damage from Crushing Blow is like support for the hireling, so the hireling doesn’t have to waste affix slots on Crushing Blow and can get more crit/attack speed/deadly strike/etc.

Please let me know what you think, thanks

well, I did remember that this was a Main & Hireling Farm Team, so it was possible that the Hireling was doing the rest of the damage after Mains CF got the enemies HP down.

you had a goal for the Team Build, and it’s working like you want it to, so good work!

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I suppose designing it to be used in a team does add a different dynamic and changes the priorities you would normally have for a build,

Thanks for your feedback that’s an interesting note

Try to make CF 6 if you have a chance. Instant kill the mobs

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This is something I really wanted to fit into the build, but it’s impossible to do unless you take out some of the magic finding sets

CF 5 is more than enough damage with a hireling, so long as you have high elemental crit to proc immolate and high crushing blow, there really are no problems with the damage - try for yourself you will see :slightly_smiling_face:

You are definitely on the right track, I have a pretty much similar build to yours.
But I’m using CF 6, without nadroji since I have fully founded legendEx.

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Twister is not that efficient for Warrior since they don’t have skill point on it.
I’m using wizard with battlemage (skill “charge”).
With lots of proc, such as storm twister meteor, all skill point 40.
Just charge around , procs kill everything.
I never stop to use special skills, it wastes time.
Charge only.


Thanks for your reply,

Your build really does sounds like fun! The only problem I see is not with your build, but the spawn delay of mobs - they will appear slow and drop loot after you have charged away, so do you have to wait for them to spawn or do 2 trips of the map to collect loot you missed?

I still think the 100% enemy rarity adds a lot of loot and chances for crystal eternal items so is still useful after legendex completion

I only activate the 3 shrines on each map kill epic+ enemies atm.
For the mobs drop, only charge back a bit if I see some red drops or stones. Don’t really care. Enough stones and dusts already.

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Ahh I see how you play now, just trying to get mythics to spawn from codex for eternal.

I don’t think I’ll ever have enough resources because I spend them too quick, part of the game for me is making new gear and builds and I think there are more combinations I’ll ever have time to try - especially not enough bag space :pensive:

Crushing Flames was nerfed a little bit. CF 6 or higher doesn’t instant kill normal monsters any more. from what I gather, it reduces the Normal monsters Health to 1 HP. this is due to the fact that when using CF 6+ with Frozen Set on higher floors, Epic+ monsters were getting instant killed if they were near a mob.

one of the things about Crushing Blow is that it isn’t affected by, or affects other, affixes. only by Crushing Flames Set. so Crushing Blow doesn’t cause Critical Hits or Elemental Crits, and Sets like Frozen shouldn’t be causing tons of damage from enemies killed by CF6+. it isn’t affected by WD or ED + or %, or anything else. it only reduce enemies current HP by 25%.

any class can use two +5 All Skills on your Weapons to give all Skills in use, including Proc’s, 10 Skill Points. and a Pet can have an Epic +10 Skill from another Classes Skill. so it’s possible to have +20 in another Classes Skill. and Identity Set increases the damage of Skills from other Classes.


very nicely said golem

one thing i’d like to suggest for you to try though… with crushing flames (5) you can reduce the enemy health just enough for execute damage to trigger, some gear such as Sthenno (rogue bomb OH) and Teslator (rogue hood) have a legend +100% execute damage.
this combined with frozen could still kill cartographers almost as easily as crushing flames (6) used to


I used Frozen Set once just to see it in action, and I found that it requires a certain play style that I wasn’t using :smiley_cat: .

I remember when I learned about the CF nerf and read the posts on how to get around it. good job to those who :heart_eyes_cat: using Frozen Set and kept it alive! one good thing about going down to needing CF (5) is that it opens up an extra space for another Set Affix, if your build needs one, otherwise, just use some other affix or myth stone that improves your build.