I need a decent nadroji mythic build. Any suggestion guys?

Kindly specify what kind of build you need like: Farmer, Leveling, Hybrid…etc.

Warrioir. Farming build. Also hybrid. Ty

Where to farm defiant horn? So hard to find and also i need a guide on wat ti equip my hireling. For farming rare equips.

For farming build you can find GRIFFIN’S builds who’s a MOD here. If your going hybrid, you need lots of crystals and mythic though…It’s better to farm first, read more on tips here in forum for you to plan better and not waste resources. Enjoy!

Okay bro thanks alot.

Glad to help!

i need suggestion on ths build. Watd u think?

Take off one of those 225% crit rage caps it out at 350% with just one

Got it. Was thinking abt it also. Im abt to make new armor with momentum set. But wastes alot of amethyst and still dnt have momentum armor