Warrior need some Help :)

Hi guys. I’m playing for some time in this game, but I had no idea, that we can create some affixes until I found this forum (but still dont know how it works)
I’m around 530floor for now. (Myth 1) and I would like to create some better items.

That’s my build already, what Should i do next? I can clear the map and kill the carto is not a problem. But now on 500lvl its hars to kill some legends.

Thanks for help.


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do you want this Build to Farm for Loot or Climb higher Floors? there are a few Farm Builds Posted for higher floors.

this one to Farm around Floor 1000. it uses Poison like your Build.

this one to Climb up to at least Floor 4000+. Crushing Flames has been nerfed a little by the Dev’s. take off one Crushing Flames and use another Set Affix. maybe Demonic to double damage when Crushing Flames gets enemies HP to 25% or lower. CF (6), instead of instant killing Normal Monsters (the White/Gray ones), it leaves them with 1 hit point before they die. that means it makes the damage from Frozen Set useless. Demonic will help keep the damage high (just not as high as CF was) so that Frozen Set can still get crazy high damage when enemies die.

Farm Builds are usually focused on getting Loot. these builds only need to Farm Floor 500-510, up to 1000 if you want to get Items that drop on higher floors.

Climbing Builds are usually focused on survival, killing monsters, speed if you go straight to the Cartographer, and getting to higher Floors.

Ascending Builds are focused on killing monsters fast on Floors 100-110 to get Experience for leveling up to get all 6 Perks. they have +200% Experience on the Equipment. experience from monsters stops going up at Floor 100. you should only do higher floors if you need specific items to improve your build.

PVP Builds are for Battle Arena.

here are some Posts to help you with Crafting so you don’t waste a lot of Crystals.

create some affixes
are you talking about Mythic Affixes? (the Purple ones, like Discordance on your Sword)

when you get to higher floors, Armor, Health, and All Resist don’t work very good. Armor & All Resist are affected by floor level, so the higher you go, the less damage they block. better to go with Block, Dodge, & Sanctuary. Warrior has a Talent that causes Bleeding enemies to have a chance to miss you.

also, Warriors can Craft a 100% Block Build (using Bulwark 40 and Epiphany (7), your Block gets up to around 84%, and every time you Block, Bulwark raises your Block for 5 seconds. if you go 5 seconds without Blocking an enemy, you go back to 84% Block until you Block again).

@Jarzi , welcome to DQ Forums! I hope some of this can be helpful.


Just wanted to build something good for drop and push some tower lvl. Now Im dropping some items on Myth3 at 370lvl +.
I have 3 Perks already and 94lvl, but no need to rush. So I should to focus on drop, to build items that helps me reach the 4k+.

I very like DOT DMG, and though the Nadroij items are almost best. :open_mouth:
On 570floor I’m swapping my armor for Eternal druid to survive. But my farm build is that what You see :slight_smile:

I will try to find something that can help to build. But need to find more stones to put legend affixes.

Thank You for help