Knights Fortune Farm Build {PvE} Patch 2.x-3.1 (Mythic 3 EP8) "Gift" - Infinite Floor Climber

Cuzeg’s KnightsFortune Build. - Infinite floor climber

This has been updated up til 3.0, I will make a 3.1 version but this is the build I wanted to share that I’ve used without updates even to this day, at least since I last played 3.0. Upcoming illegal build plan as well where I use my old legacy Nadroji’s I saved as a “Gift” or parting. Wish I had the old Bloodmagic pet to complete it :smiley: or 2.0 cataclysm ring. Last updated since 2018. Anyway this build Farms great until floor 1000 which was my goal, and I achieved it. Initially just floor 500 but I went beyond as I had sensed floor 1000 would get some legends, which they eventually did. Finally revealed this from my DQ Discord for good, wish I had done this earlier.

Reveal of #pve-knightsfortune from discord pretty much.
Based off Cronos Fortune bringer

Have adapted it since and changed it over the patches. Started this farm build around since Patch 2.3 or 2.2. I was inspired by his builds before I made my own and learn a couple things. Had some discussion and one of those, as well as reading Hireling Averaging formula gave me the idea to do this guide:

This guide I made was how I calculated my farm build or any future farms and wanted to share how I calculated it to help others out and as a reminder for me too.
The efficiency guide: the farm build in action.

I have made several variations of KnightsFortune from initially taking the base of Fortune Bringer and it started off as an Experimental Build at first.
It’s where I discovered how Prayer talent used to work, Equivalence Mythic maxing out MP Regen old behavior, experimenting with old Arcanist effect, using as a Hireling for Seasonal Maiden’s build, and combining with my old Charged Inferno Aftermath Wizard build before changing it to fit the farm build.
Experimented with frozen, as well as crushing flames and then settled with Plagued warrior+ Crushing flames on wizard, even warrior. I made this build when I started out and lacked a farm build or a good one for a disturbing amount of time. Even adopted Epiphany, Nadroji with bonuses, one without bonus, and even one without Nadroji at all. Though I’d recommend sticking with Nadroji.

Pretty much one of my first build before the others, just not shared until now. I made Meteor God arena build and a failed Green Garden Attempt before this. As well as a nostalgic aftermath+hireling warrior budget build. Which I have a YouTube upload of. This build itself I used as a pseudo green garden Fortune Bringer in its early stages.

I lazily updated it really, perhaps call this Lazy Knights Fortune. Also I was lucky to get such a nice Momentum Pet which helped the build even more. Was in a time before modifying legend pet affixes came out. Not my most proud or high quality build so that’s why I didn’t share it. Didn’t feel it was anything special worth sharing as Farm Builds are similar.


Expensive but I slowly built up from a cheap budget to this point. Fortune bringer was the best farm build to me I thought, the idea sounds efficient. After patch 2.0/2.1, the hireling farmer would no longer count the same way so I had to change it up due to the hireling’s averaging formula and adventure page. Or that Fortune Bringer was also the Fortune Placebo :smile: . It’s possible that the hireling averaging formula was always the same. So putting it all on one character and a pure DPS hireling was probably not the best idea, though it sounded good in theory.

Unlike Fortune Bringer, this is Focused on Mythic 3 instead of Very Easy difficulty. It’s more convenient for some legend drops and less slots are used for farming affixes, more focus on DPS as well. Also better than completely relying on a Hireling as the Original Fortune-Bringer did. I had rebuilt this craft more times than I could count though, almost an embarrassing amount but I did use it as part of my experiments as well as farming. Call this an Eternal Craft or W.I.P Farm Build.

Now onto the build:

#Main character: Warrior

Hireling: Wizard

  • Natures:
    3x luck and 3x strength for warrior. (Or 3x greed, but i maxed goldfind).

  • Wizard Nature: 6x luck.

  • Hero points: 20 fortune per character. 20 dexterity per character too. then the rest into your skills. For warrior, I did hero point into KnightsCharge, optional is Shieldwall Move speed 40% or Fear or Taunt. Taunt from provocation or special skill used. Wizard was meteor and shatter for Aftermath.

Chose Knightscharge instead of whirlwind. Similar hit freq, more DMG, though the hit frequency I found is similar to Storm Skill on wizard with it. Whirlwind is the alternative skill to use. No brainer with Momentum, easily 50% MS just from that alone, 20% from zealous, some adventurer, etc, easy 100% to gain 50%+ DMG. Especially if I do 30-40 Knight’s Charge. Bread n butter. Hit frequency is 8 times , up to 12 with 40.

Talents and Power:

Pretty self explanatory, but in case I want to explain, Provocation for taunt Proc, Zealous for Move speed, 20% DMG and contribute to maxing Momentum.
Wizard talents also self explanatory, I chose these to max out Poisons Dot DMG since wizard is brutal for DoT. Same works for Fire or any element.
Also I would use 99 power for both, only reason warrior is different is because I forgot to change from PvP when used to 2v2 with him.
Fester in particular over empower as it also speeds up dot like Inferno by 50%, and duration extend. Sorcery 100% buff poison, Amplify +40% DMG, magnify to extend AOE which is helpful for Meteors.
Wrath talent - To break props, apply ascendant Debuff if I equipped Ascendant. Understandable, have a nice day :sweat_smile: .

Adventure Page:

Legends I got for this old lazy craft:


  • Immortal Lance: An Alternative is Glinting Hammer. Lance is 2nd best for base dmg on warrior. Used to be axe, so a masochist axe or say Epiphany Gauntlet to Axe, until Patch 2.5 or 3.0. Eternalized, pickup radius. Could have kept +10 fortune optionally or used an Eternal. Hammer for higher BWD or adding 200% WD.

  • Ampered: Double strike. Jasper converted from rogue. Used some horn before for sprint. Cornucopia for easy crystal gold affix. Double Strike goes well with poison and Plagued.

  • Aethereal Wrap: 100% ED, Blight to save a Ruby. Or use Nadroji Bonus chest with Nadroji, and a ring/amulet for it. Both have 100% ED,

  • Gemmed Crown: crystalline, pickup radius. Simple.

  • Cognition ring: for Push the Limit, 100% ED.

  • Epiphany Amulet: for Epiphany. Alternatively you can use an Eternalized Ring/Amulet (at floor 1000 M3) or Nadroji ones for +2 all sets.


  • Masochists edge: Jasper axe to gauntlet, for most BWD. Or Epiphany Gauntlet 200% WD.

  • Orb: any. Just so happened to be chromatic orb. Could even use Tome + Synergy Mythic for +50% APS and MS. Skullshield is my other choice.

  • Robe: Again Aethereal wrap for 100% ED

  • Apex of Epiphany: Epiphany and bonus. APS speeds up aftermath also. Extra 70% DMG too.

  • Ring: any

  • Amulet: entropic jewel or frightening choker. 100% ED.


  • As warrior you cruise through floors with KnightsCharge , use charge for navigation as Lance is equipped, taunt to suck enemies in. Also high Movespeed for Momentum pet that I got. Built this around the pet. I used any element but Plagued and poison was my default. As i say was lazy with the build. My wizards just a remainder of my Charged Inferno but for farming, could be better though. Was lazy on that one too.

  • Pack Size maps at a high %, up to 150% preferably, 200% magic enemies, 500% rare enemies for eg. Legend maps or Eternal Maps as well. Nadroji bonus to save Diamond Rerolls for magic enemies.
    I used to primarily farm floor 200 even when floor 500 was the better choice for Crystals mainly for gold farming. Had 100M+ gold in 1 hour, as my average floor time was 3-5 mins each on Pack Size. Once had 4M gold in one floor sweep, +some millions like 2-3M from selling with Dealer perk on both chars. So many full Inventories compared to floor 500+.

Otherwise I farm up to floor 1000 because its able to or spam floor 500. Pickup radius helps save time too. Found more Eternals to convert at those low floor 101-200 floors, up to 40 in an Hour once, that’s 40 ULTRA RARE Crystals! :sweat_smile:.

Another Strategy is farming 2 shrines with Enshrined+Hunter Perk, hunt Enslavers for pets with Monster Boost. Nadroji is your friend.

  • OG/Old tip: farming slime or ice floors without Pack Size because of more grouping and the props. used to spam floor 191 for ice, 101 or 181 Slimes, or 200. In 2.0 or earlier. Kinda irrelevant now with Pack Size but I used this idea when I was a newbie to the game. That’s why I get excited for Ice Maps sometimes, some of the most gold possible there or drops.

  • Hireling Strategy: do whatever you want HAHA. I just let my wizard roam with Aftermath. I could have used any other wizard build or rogue. Another warrior if I only want warrior drops. Didn’t have to be aftermath. You could use Orb build, flintlock rogue, bow, warrior partner, etc.

Warning: This will cause lag on older or some phones. Used to cause many zombie/ghost mobs with this build. Thanks to the Aftermaths, taunts, and Packsize. Will be mitigated with no aftermath builds.

  • Here’s my crystals for bragging rights and more, constantly crafting.

Updates I’ll probably make or have done:

Added 100% WD instead of 30% weaken for my weapon combined with 100% ED for Lance as haven’t found 200% WD lance. Demonic on totem , potentially adding Shadows set , Empyrean Mythic, some other Mythics and just further experiment, replacing Rage Set.
Add back Nadroji/bonus find a way to improve DPS or change from the ground up to a new build.

The characters;


Nice to see you posting guides again.Nice job my friend.


Yeah it’s been a Loooong time, but now I feel like I’m back to myself. Will probably do a recording of knightsfortune as well. At least this kind of motivates me to update or change my builds now. Took me a while before thinking of posting this one as well. Still getting around to playing more.

At least this build did a decent job in powering all my other projects :slight_smile:, experiments, and failures. My most expensive ironically after starting from Budget. Wish i had posted earlier though for more impact and potentially feedback like my other builds I did.

Just realised its been almost 3yrs since I did a big guide or post. Even if this one isn’t like the others.

Btw I do have an update for my seasonal maiden a long time ago, but haven’t posted the 3.1 changes. Nothing crazy though as no new sets associated with 3.1 like Shadows. Though I’ll be able to implement double strike anywhere else, 100% Execute dmg for sure, using masochism, arcanist, and testing others.


It has been 3 years. Time does fly.


Sure does, though it was more of a big deal or slower for me. I had an extra 25% of my life since DQ break , 16 to 20 is 25% more. 20 to 25 will feel like that for me next. Feels like so much had changed yet nothing had changed at the same time. Is how 40 to 50 will feel like.

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Btw here is another discord build I’ll share from my group, was actually made or potential by @ObiWanKenobi . This isn’t mine, though it could be an idea to base of.

The names were Eternal Eccentric and pve-m3f500-csforce (or just CS Force). The eternal eccentric was deleted unfortunately but this CS force still exists.

To Quite Obi Wan or DQHomicide:

Obi Wans m3f500 cs force build

PVE - Crystal Farmer
Cost of Build - moderately Wealthy
Goal : force lots of CS Drops

MAIN - Warrior


Warrior Skill tree :


Purpose : dedicated crystal shard farmer.

Key stats : Crystalline(6) - Item drops 370%

This build is designed with only one ultimate end goal. Farm many Crystals.

Based on the fact that chances to aquire rare crystals differ from floor 1 to floor 500, this build focuses on efficiently cleaning house on any floor from 1 to 500, and difficulty from easy to mythic 3. There is absolutely no need for this build to go beyond this difficulty or floor levels, as crystal drop chances will never get better after this point.

The hireling is optimized to boost your own cap above and beyond the normal item drops max you would have with only epiphany(6), but there is much room to tweak to your own liking. For eg, crystal gold find affix is irrelevant, as well as all the exp gain stats. The hireling used to be in level up status, and ive yet to change much of the leftover affixes.

The important thing to the hireling that should not change, is epiphany(8) and item drops stats. Also, the crystal affix lucks are great too.

How to use : it really doesnt get much simpler. The hireling is irrelevant other then stat boosting and occasionally taunting large groups all together. The main, like many other knights charge builds, simply knights charges the map.

The main rests at 78% dodge and 78% block, making for some great survivability. No, you arent immortal, yes, you can still die, however, the surviveability is high enough to cut back on huge respawn costs and allow you to easily face tank within the provided parameters of play.

Happy CS Farming guys.

-Obi Wan Kenobi

Edit: ahh my looks similar to this one except this one for more dmg I’d say. As he had an Eternal as well. Also more block and dodge. I’m okay with less, more glasscannon style even with Empyrean instead of sanctuary.


Do you remember Obiwan or DQHomicide as he was also known? He helped me a good bit with my discord group at the time when i first made it and he seemed like quite the hardcore farmer :smile: .

He didn’t directly help me but his build seemed to take a similar direction as mine so I knew i did something right.


Here were my old farm builds I used before I made this build.

Compiled the old build into a modern looking pic. Sorta. It’s low res though since I cropped from that video with the screenshots I took.

My “beginner” farm build basically at that point. I think i even added Synergy to use the summons for Move Speed instead of Equivalence as a hat. Just after when I made that aftermath guide. Even draught mythic. Aftermath use to be: just hold shatter, done.

Hero points I didn’t show but I know I added to the skills I used, even used torrent. Torrent was more brutal then and that was way before Cerebral Vortex set.
However I did show talent, my classic cuzeg avatar as Wizard in old vendor shop (potions used to be limited too).

The video was laggy though but thats cause I used my S3 Mini to do it. I played and started on an old/low end phone then. Had 1gb ram and a dual core 32bit 1ghz cpu. Not bad for 2012 Hardware though, but recording made it unplayable. Without, I could maintain 30fps low settings.
With the graphical upgrade of patch 2.0 or 2.1 it was harder to run but still possible at lowest. Shadows, maybe lowest but unlikely on the S3 mini.

This ranking page later replaced by Adventure page. I think there was an early adventure page before this as well. The game really did feel totally a different game back then.

Farming/grinding use to be more work or effort. 650% was the cap, no ascension perks, limited to rare legends such as Defiant, Nadroji, Vaccus scorpio/scipio, ragnarok for the good legends. Eternals were rarer too. Also bloodmagic i think was the meta a patch before, some warrior high HP builds, shock and bleeds only. Before someone decided to post poison and well more builds.

The old video for that build , very first actually but reuploded:

Here’s the old fortune bringer build I attempted before developing it into Knights Fortune:

And another one:


Decided to rename this Infinite Floor Climber as that was kind of my goal with this initially. With that being said , there are better infinite floor climbers for farming too. Saw one with crushing flames + Frozen for one.

Here’s one from @TeaCup

And some other ones, like this: - and I"n sure there are so many other examples now.

I used Plagued back when poison use to be op. It’s still really good but not completely infinite floor climb I suppose. Frozen was another way I’d do, and ofc crushing flames, shock piercing builds, Shock+ x any element. An arcanist or ascendant buff.
That and it wouldn’t be infinite climber without crushing blow, but that I can add to my build or both characters.

Also in theory the ultimate farm builds have both Eternal Pets for luck/gold find affixes. So on both characters say 150% luck or Gold find. 300/2= +150% , and you get to save a crystal affix. Since 225%/2=112.5% when averaged, per character. Not only that but an epic affix too, as 75/2=37.5%. Not only that but Fortune 20 legend affix character for 40, which grants an extra 50%. 100% Item drops, Luck and Gold find vs 50. 200/2=100% vs 100/2=50% .


Im late to the party, but to my knowledge, frozen no longer causes explosions when enemy is killed by crushing blow
My build above uses crushing flames to bring enemies to low health, then uses execute damage and other multipliers to deal as big of a hit as possible, for that to then start the frozen explosion chain which eventually deals enough to kill epic+ enemies


Will the warrior build still work even if without hireling? I only have one character which is warrior.


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