Warrior PVP Build ( Defender)


But lot of hints has been given.


Yep. I’m gonna be secretive butt from now own with my changes and future builds (although PvE builds I’ll always share but PvP build, well it’s 50/50 since it depends on how OP the build is or how special it is). I certainly understand for you not to share otherwise it would be full of the same old.

I mean the arena feels more educated on how to better themselves than before which is also great and I think sharing builds would only hinder it and Ruin the fun of figuring yourself . Promoting the figuring out yourself is always a good idea and it helped many, including me.

Gotta spice it up xD. That barrage build I’m glad it came since I needed arena to feel different and that’s good. I did my fair share of unique build but gotta love doing well.




I think I can figure out barrage build but I won’t build . The same reason how I figured out immortal yet I didn’t make.

I’m always about unique build idea. I haven’t made any new build but I do definitely have new ideas or unique ones . I already adapted my current build and it feels like a whole new build altogether.

I won’t share the recent changes on my rogue but I’m sure many people can instantly figure it out.


Where are the hintsss? Haha


I always rmmber ur lazy wiz build. -.- standing in the corner spamiing. Im always 50/50 before when i was using CV. But now idk havnt playd PvP for ages



Tf haha


Defender, u can drop stats,hero,skills screens ? Pls