Warrior PVP Build ( Defender)

since next week ive been busy for work, may be i will not be active in arena but in this forum i’ll try,

so lets start :blush:
based on my experience i created my own style regen type (warrior), this is a full armor warrior with regen affix and enough power to use :blush: as i observe mr scooty and mandlebrot have a super high dmg reduction that cause of long fight to defeat, but their Ai have too low power, thats the reason i created this build, less dmg reduction but have enough power

this build will help newbie to climb in eternal league hope you will understand the build no need to explain every affix i put in it :blush:

you can change any affix you want , this is your based build only in making regen type build,

thanks to all strongs player in div 1😊 i love fighting your ai guys i will learned a lot , and i will share this to all player especially to a newbie player to help im climbing eternal league

top 3 best ai for me ( need strategy to defeat this)

  1. kaizoku
  2. luisfsk
  3. sachna

again thanks to all, i will busy in work nextweek :blush:



Very interesting. Using an underrated Mythstone on PVP such Endow was very smart. It’s not an Immortal build, I think it’s even somewhat less powerful than @PaNgaHazZz, but your build is sure fine.
I maybe provide you some calculations about this build later, which can high increases its potential.


its too hard for me to build a balance armor and resist thats why i focus on armor only , i create a build with 20m armor in campaign then i’ll reduces the armor to combine it with balance HP/MP and regen, yes its not immortal, and for me no immortal build until now, because having a offence type like your build, that is a immortal because need strategy to defeat unlike mr scooty and mandlebrot a pure defence ai which need more rounds only, :v:️:v:️

if mandlebrot build can improve atleast 500 power maybe his ai is the strongest but sadly their focus on defence :sweat_smile:,

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Interesting. I want to finally face you lol .

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dont expect a super high dmg reduc like mandle and scooty :blush: i’ll know their ai is much harder than my ai, :blush: btw can you record if you battle my ai?

Totally :slight_smile: . I hope I don’t forget lol.

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@defender Your build is resemblance of something… Just few more tweeks and you have the Ultimate Build… :sunglasses:

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This build can deafeat @luisfsk barrage wizard?

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Better don’t, I’m winning too many chests with my current build


You’re wizard is kinda scary :cry:. Dealing 5k crit and 10k deadly.

Most probably that chest was from me. Though I found a strategy to defeat your AI but it’s about luck.


It’s very well built and even better than Flashers build , though I really liked Flashers attempt at it.

Yep, definitely some strategy around the Lusifk build since it’s very well thought out and reminds me of the good old days . No stealth to save you this time but rushing, dealing good damage and surviving some hits help. A good strategic plan basically .

I could only figure out what your version is like. Barrage being as good as guidedshot but with many many bolts acting like heat seeking missiles instead of simply one arrow . Even better and damaging than flintlock too. Flintlock could have it’s damage but it doesn’t heat seek aka nature seeking or tracking .


if you know the weakness spot of luisfsk Ai you can defeat him any kind of build but its 50:50 chance, you will have chance if you trigerred the enigma :blush:


I have 80:20 chance on his AI right now. I let the torrent spawn and hit him hard.


test some affix or skill :blush: i will not say the weakness spot of his ai because me too i like his build :blush: i make a build like that but sadly failed experiment :sob::sob:

I don’t deadly lol, it’s @flasher13 who does.

But imagine deadly


My bad. The data shuffled on my brain :joy:. It was the rogue that do deadly strike.

How do you fair against 2v2 using that barrage build?

Bro pm me ur wiz build. I wan to farm auras hahaha

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How abt ths boiz? Havnt used that since i reached eternal div 2. Im so lazy to do pvp


I have only 1 slot

Nah, my build is secret, just like Immortal builds