Warrior pvp help

This is my build for pvp

Hp: 59.9k power: 540

Well im a noob playing for 4 months and just reached rank 32 division1 with this but cant kill other players , im out of ideas i want to get more bleed dmg(i only do 2500-3500) and i see other players do 15k-20k bleed dmg . What i need to add or remove?

And whats best Setup for Ai i lose much point when i offline …

Sorry for my english . Im sudamerican player

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Increase HP by having Fauns Gift and Plauge
also get 100% (elemcrit) atleast 1
use Prayer Talent on Ring dont use dodge use block instead
use scalp and toss bleed dmg of warrior is great in arena pvp

well goodluck

If you are looking to do Bleed DMG, then you don’t really need to worry that much about other kinds of DMG. What you need to do is as close to 600% Blistering and 100% Immolate as you can. This will increase your bleed DMG. I would remove the Flat Fire DMG Affixes that you have. They do not add that much to your DMG as they are calculated last in the DPS formula. Honestly I would also remove the 10% bleed chance that you have. This will become unnecessary with the Blistering and Immolate. I would also remove the 25% increased HP and the 45% Attack Speed. If you are trying to cause Bleed DMG, which is a DoT, Attack Speed will do nothing for it. Another bit of advice is to remove the CC Immunities that you have and replace them with a Trophy that has Dispel. That is all that I can think of to help

Edit: Just saw a Mythic Affix that can Increase your Bleed DMG as well called Ruptured.

Still cant get that bleed dmg :sob: i just add 580 blistering and 30 element crit just make my char weak. . Any other suggestions?

@SilentKiller bro use toss and scalp upgrade it to 20 and use in arena it is sure make enemy bleed

Yes it makes bleed damage (very low 1000-2000) but i want to get high bleed dot dmg Like this …

If you get on division1 you will see the most player does insane bleed dot dmg and can 1 hit you …

Getting 600% blistering won’t get you that dot. You just need more offensive affixes. Glasscannon, Push the limit, Fire DMG etc. You want as high dot damage, sacrifice your hp.

Lol this char aviatrix have nice hp . I think he dont sacrifice hp …

And how about this one :fearful:

In place of hp i mean survivability. Hp can be obtained from sets and few hp affixes. Those guys are for sure easy to kill if you have damage. Seen people with 50k hp and i dealt 500+k damage and couldn’t kill them.

Overall, you go more damage, you have less survivability.

Well i think my build is good for pvp atleast i just reached rank 32 on div1 … i just want to know exactly what i need to add or remove to get that bleed damage i dont have crystals and items right now for testing … thanks for your help anyways