Warrior pvp Hero points

I have a Hero warrior for pvp, lance with earthquake proc, hatchet, divination, my question Is what Hero points I must add, if I have skills like charge, whirlwind and scalp? What would be more useful in a pvp? Thank you

Only hero points on your gears will work in PvP. If you want to get heroic points for PvP, you need to add Epic 10 Skill (Scalp, Charge etc) to your gears (becomes 2 Hero Points In PvP).


So how do the weapon skill bonuses affect, for example a hatchet with scapl 20 and adding 10 in Hero points, is 30 remaining, would it be more than 2?And what skills are better for me, of what name? I know that scalp is very good, others, would be charge, whirlwind, and someone else? Thanks for your answer