Warrior Pvp Set

For PVP.
Is this cool.?.

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-I would remove that other Battle Mage Set and replace it with Rage for
more armor and Critical Damage
-replace +5 reflect with 5000 weapon damage
-replace 400 HP on hit with 75%crit damage

and change your Armor talent to Hardened


nice wondered how it will turn out… good luck

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i think the main problem with the build is you dont have sanctuary and will probably be susceptible to one hit KO builds(and there’s a lot of them in pvp).

well, if she got stealth on her off hand weapon it shouldnt be a problem.

Heres my stat.

Guys do u know how can I make my defense 60%?

Make a video of a few matches. I was curious about reflect damage builds but in the end went with a cheese rogue build to get to eternal.

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Ima find some aps to record it.

I need more suggestion on my build. Please