Warrior Stat build suggestions?

Im fairly new to dugeon quest and looking for stat point assignment suggestions. As of now my level 41 warrior has 50 points in power, 55 points in health, and 23 in mana i dont know if that is really good but ill open to all suggestions and advice. :question:

I go full power. health/mana steal gears will cover my leaks.
lvl 89 warrior, full power, all legend gears.
u already set ur game to EP8?

Wow, full power I don’t know how I’d makeup for that HP, and no i have my enemy power level set to 4. I’ll give that a try though :smile:

I always set my game to EP8. A lot of perfect gears to make u ‘bulkier’ are easy to find using EP 8.
If u happen to find/use bloodknight item (mana replaced by health), spent some stat in health too.

Thanks ill give it a try and then tel you how it goes :smiley:

Im doing an ice warrior spellsword set with a hammer… over 300% frostbite damage with only 2 legs. Sadly I’m not that lucky on mods I roll…

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To a great extent, your gear choices would determine your type of build and gameplay. Go with that style you like (legendary items give unique twists, so feel free to combine e.g. a bloodknight with plague + nadroji so that you have high health–MP+HP would be your HP–and 75% of it is automatically your armor. There are tons of other ‘creative’ combinations to be sure)

I went all power (leeches keep me alive) and built a build that revolved around spellsword–so I am now a ‘mage’ with a lance for a wand hahaha! With mind trick, all my projectiles ‘bounce back’ for more damage. Lvl 99, 1.82M DPS without shrines.

Thanks for the great reply! :smiley: but can’t most mobs one hit you without stat points in health?

At EP8, I’ve never experienced any difficulty with mobs. My HP’s at 21K, with damage reduction at 70% from armor and resists. With leech at 2%, the only way I’d die is if I stop hitting stuff. There has been only type of instance that I get one-hit KO’d, and that’s sometimes by bosses who have those cloud-bomb auras on them (Idk what wizard skill that is). Sometimes.

What’s good about this build is that you can breeze through maps to loot stuff/gold. Am currently at 1.88M DPS (without shrines), and as a benchmark, can kill Ignis at dungeon 200 within 5 seconds. (well, having ice-based damage factors heavily on that too :smile:

@garfriend Yes. But you must have extremely good gear to have 80% dr and 1mil + dps. That must have taken over 200 hours of play or you are VERY lucky.

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[quote=“korn7809”]@garfriend Yes. But you must have extremely good gear to have 80% dr and 1mil + dps. That must have taken over 200 hours of play or you are VERY lucky.

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I’d think it was luck. Been playing for around 3 months now, but not that much at home and when meetings at the office are boring haha. Btw, you just have to try and mix up the different abilities of legends, which sometime produces unexpected results. I swapped a few items and now have my DPS at 2.42mil (without shrines)!

assault 17, living force, electrified, with having only 280k on dps, I could kill ignis floor 160 less then a minute.
owh yes, damage reduction 87%, and 400something on reflect.

Is there a way too choose what affixes you get? Or is it all random?

spend ur time for reading legendex, usually legend items have a fixed affixes and talents.

Thanks! If multiplayer is ever added i know who to play with. :smiley:

Obsidian blade
Earthen plate
Mind trick ( clarity type)
Will of force( frenzy type)

It is a mid range berserker build.

Basically it has only 161k dps but able to clear monsters faster than my 700 plus dps wizard

The trick is cast hatchet on bunch of enemies to let them bleed so u can have frenzy on.

Once the frenzy is on, your orbs , earth shatter and 3 hachets proc will start to spam , this is where your damage comes about.

This build has adequate defence, and very high attack despite the low dps .

The weakness is explosions so be sure to keep out of it

I am able to kill power 8 last 5 levels with ease with this build except for ignis, you might need to hide away from his fire spell and fire explosions. But u are still able to kill ignis at power 8 with this build

As for allocating points, don’t worry about it for now. A few levels from where you are use the “respec” button and dump everything into Power. HP won’t matter as long as you have a decent Leech percentage …

Im around your level. I say, do it about evernly although be weaker in 1 (no more than a gap of 10). Ive bought all 3 slots, and utilize the hire system + all5 elements.