Wat should remove and reroll if I want survivalbility For my rogue

I keep dying one hit at pvp any suggestions guys?

And I want a least dmg

u have many move speed u should remove other of and change it to dodge and btw is legend pet can set affix?

You cannot change set affix of a legend pets.

Why adventurer?

Get some HP boosting affixes and sets

after removing those 2 glasscannon.

Yeah it can

I got it from my warrior

Change your Head an Amulet set affix…(go for other damage affix if you want, but having 3 momentum set affix when there’s no actually bonus affix for it s very inefficient)

Change your Adventurer affix, thats exclusively only for PVE, removing 2 movespeed affix (specifically the one in your weapon) is fine in PVP. 3 movespeed should be good enough both PVP and PVE,

You might reconsider those +5 talents affix… its up to you.
Removing Glasscanon will do for more Hp, but since Glasscannon has a smaller cap in PVP… You might leave it. Not Sure what other affix should you get to replace Glasscannon.

OK thx