We could maybe have a number of online players between 5 and 10 fighting at the same time in the same arena floor till only one is left.


Awesome idea hahahah lol




Nope . Lol


10v10 battle arena free for all…I my mind it looks awesome but my support inbox is terrified of all the aftermath tornado proc FPS emails :upside_down:




too much lag


Lmao. Not just that but what build could possibly survive the 10 battle royale rumble lol. As far as who’s build will shine, it’s hard to say but mine could have a small chance.


10 immortal builds with reflect and ally healing affixes


Lmao. That could actually happen tbh.


There is a problem with that. The devices and the net speed of everyone since that not every player have the same net speed ( i only have between 10kbps and 17kbps of speed). If they just add it and keep the existing ones. I am in favor of it


What if it was an a.I battle? Also you can pause in the current battle arena because after a match is loaded, you don’t need internet until the victory screen to get you +10 MMR.

If it was live, then yeah the net speeds could be a concern. We haven’t got live PvP of 1v1 or 2v2 yet as of now but it sounds like it could be in another game of DQ or something. It would be interesting but then the net restrictions can be there (albeit not too huge). 1v1 and 2v2 live PvP would work fine but anymore than that with internet and that’s where it’s debatable.
Ping and internet advantage.


On that type of battle i will surely enter. But there is a new matter about the number of chests reward type will you get. I just play in 1v1 so i don’t know about 2v2 number of chests reward.


2v2 chest reward is just as mediocre as 1v1 chests if you talk about away chests. If it’s chest like eternal chest or so, the rarity is virtually the same and there’s no 1v1 specific chest and 2v2 specific chest either , although that used to exist.


And i was thinking that in 2v2 you get 2 chest reward. I propose that in this mode (battle royal) you get at least 2 chests reward or 1 eternal chest reward.


spankin hell the aoe oriented evasion builds would wreck


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. I just hope they do that in a few years or months…It would be awesome Even though I would lose everytime…My build sucks.


I would win and then eventually lose due to HP But my fault is fast and the orb is brutal if multiple people are caught up (it’s how 2v2 is easy for me without even using a second player most of the time).