Weaken Affix (What,How,When, etc.)

• How does weaken actually work?
• How is it sometimes more powerful than Ignore Resist which completely ignores all elemental resist than weaken which only deducts elemental resist?
• Does max cap weaken = Ignore resist?
• Does it have a duration when it effects (green tick) to a specific monster?
• Is there a Weaken chance? ( how often weaken effects)
• Does 90℅ weaken mean 90℅ more elemental damage?

I’m quite confused I’m still learning though. If there is already a similar post about this please let me know because I haven’t found one when I searched here. I’m wondering how this affix is sometimes used in powerful builds so I am curious how it really works. Hope the pros notices me please enlighten me masters lol

  1. Weaken reduces enemy’s resists(?)

  2. I think weaken is better than ignore resist in pve, lots of weaken can give negative resist to enemies
    3.ignore resist makes the enemy’s resist to 0, weaken at max, can make enemy’s resist to negative so, not equal

Only the questions that i can have an answer :sweat_smile:

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Once weakened, always weakened I believe. I don’t know if there’s a timer for the effect. It doesn’t matter though as with high enough weaken chance % and lots of hits, weaken will happen often.

Yes weaken does have chance % so 90% weaken means 90% of the time, enemies will be weakened .

Once you have 90% or more Weaken, you can deal more DMG than with Ignore Resist since negative resists could be why . Effective mythic is good with this for greatly resists enemies . Ascendant Set can reduce resists by 62.5% through arcane attacks (arcane debuff counts since wrath talent technically is an arcane attack ) and combined with 90% or 180%+ Weaken , it’s very powerful.

You could effectively have doubled the potential damage from high enough weaken but ignore resist just makes sure you deal consistently the normal damage without it reduced by enemies.

Weaken probably counts as an arcane attack also when equipped with Arcanist so it could be great with Ascendant for further DMG.

Lastly, weaken isn’t an elemental attack. Rather it’s a debuff which is a negative effect to enemies but positive to the attacking player but it does reduce all elemental resists from the enemies by %. If with Arcanist, it can become an way to be an arcane debuff and could count as arcane attack to go extremely well with Ascendant.


So 90℅ weaken means the chance of enemies to be weakened and also 90℅ debuff to reduce elemental resist to monsters?

And also thanks I finally get that weakened could go around and make the enemies resist to negative. I thought that the max cap to reduce elemental resist is 0 (which confuses me because Ignore Resist does that but some players prefer Weakened) now I understand hehe