Weaken VS. Ignore Resist

Which is better Weaken (crystal affix) or Ignore Resist? I’ve already done with the search part and it doesn’t give me that much info on what is better.

I did some tests and these are the results:

  • With 60% Weaken + no Ignore Resist I can do ~118k damage.
  • With 0% Weaken + Ignore Resist I can do 120k damage.

Note: I did this with the same gear and used ice element weapons against enemies who have resist ice affix.

In my opinion, I think Ignore Resist is better, because it only take 1 slot and it always affect the enemy :smile:

I agree, specially on those who had “greatly resist”

I always use ignore resist

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Does the effect of WEAKEN affix and IGNORE RESIST is the same?
For example, if you have already IGNORE RESIST affix in your set, does WEAKEN still have effect/necessary?

You can look for the answer here.
Next time, please do some searching. You might get the answer faster :smile:

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x’D Boom! Thanks man, by the way, I have killed Epic Enemies with the name zzvilzz. x’P thanks again.

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I’m using the ice element and have ignore resist on my gear . killing NPC kinda fast until I run into a epic/legendary/mythic NPC with greatly resist to shock and some how it take longer to kill them even tho there resist isn’t the element I’m using.