Weap damage% legend affix

Hey guys! Ive checked the codex and i couldnt find an item or a way to get a barrage wand a red legend affix of weap damage%

Is there a way or its impossible?

I don’t think there is a red ( legendary weapon damage). You can add an epic 5000 weapon damage using topaz but I wouldn’t bother. Add element damage and critical ( eg legend elemental critical and say frosbiting , paralysis etc) All depends on the elemental of your your build.

look in the Codex and check Warrior Lance and Rogue Flintlock for +200% WD to Jasper them to Wand. if there are none, then look for any of these 3 items with +100% ED, which is the next best thing, and then add Epic +100% WD, which is still good if you can’t get the Legend +200%.

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