Weapon Color?

because we all love being fabulous!

the dev’s main focus are the feature development, we should wait for a couple of patches to get a major cosmetic retouch.

p.s. : already issued on several threads, including mine.

Well, AFAIK, u got ur desired color on visual effect on your weapon. if u mean that the pink have to be changed to any particular element, there must be a couple of codes added which I honestly think will add more burden to the dev.
think of it this way, u use calcite to change elements on your ragnarok, several times, thousand times, 5 colors only for ragnarok (or simply sword), and worse, if you are using ascendent, does the sword have to change color everytime u swing? and worse, does the change should be applied after/before attack? naah, forget it, I think too much variable on your ‘simple’ suggestions.

my post was all about general randomizer on color (added more color resource in the game gears), and so far, the dev added it on random map, we have to be considerably patient, and trust me, the dev listens.