Weapon Damage % or (Element) Damage %?

Which is a better legend affix? I’m trying to come up with a good PVP build. Which should I chose? Thanks. :slight_smile:

depend on build mine WD :sunglasses:

Neither nor!!

ED+ and WD+

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I second your comment!! Neither WD% nor ED%.

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Well I also have WD+ and ED+. The WD% and ED% are meant to increase the damages more, right?

WD+ is only multiplied by ED% so 28% of 1040 damage is significantly lower then just a single affix that gives you 1040 damage and ED+ isn’t multiplied by ED% or WD% so the ED% and WD% affixes are essentially useless in PvP :slight_smile:


But 100%wd in mh very useful .than xtra attack chance and multi attack

Nope not at all in PvP it’s great for PvE but just plain awful in PvP :slight_smile:

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im using wd%

Still does not make WD% good it just means you’re wasting an affix at high rank :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok thanks sir.

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Thank you for all your help. I’m still trying to refine my build so it would be useful when I’m in the arena.