Weapon damage


Fate’s travesty
(1) aethereal drain
43.9% attack speed (blue)
48.8% glasscannon
75% crit damage
89% wep damage
5000 wep damage

What should I change to increase damage output and working on building offhand and armor what would be a good suggestion been along time since I played and just trying to put out more damage if a mob had thorns I killmy self with my crits


I think you need to post all your gear from weapon to pet and their stats cause all gear affect your damage. So vet player can help you fully.


Ill add 50%dmg mythstone instead of crit and get the crit cap somewhere else, maybe rage set.


OK I’ll work on getting it all together


being able to 1-3 shot your enemy before the Thorns kill you is good, but at higher levels, it starts to get harder to kill them with a few shots, especially the Legend and Mythic monsters. eventually you either end up waiting to hit the monster while Thorns is inactive, or have enough HP healing of any kind to off set your HP loss. since Thorns takes 10% of your current HP, the harder it is to keep the HP full with Healing abilities the higher your HP is. my Wizard has around 10k HP, with Harmony and Equivalence, with 500 HP on Hit and 250 MP on Hit. I barely notice Thorns anymore, but I wonder if I had 2x to 4x more HP, if my HP would go down more and then stabilize. at one time, I had 500 MP on Hit and 250 HP on Hit. my HP went down to about 25%, and then stayed there. my healing was the same as the damage from Thorns at the 25% HP mark. but at the time, that 25% HP freaked me out :fearful:, so I switched my HP & MP on Hit. :unamused:


Lol I wonder what will happen to my wizard glasscanon 1 hp max dodge I’ll get rekt then :frowning: .


use sanctuary mythic. it would save you once every 30sec


thorns wont kill you. it will leave you with 1 hp.


@lionex yes, I know, but Thorns can lower my HP down enough that any other damage that gets through can ruin my day. I haven’t gotten to the point that I am looking at Sanctuary yet, but eventually I will have a build that needs it. and besides, 30 seconds can be a long wait. I have wacked a lot of people who use it in the Arena. of course, some people with it were able to survive long enough with it in PVP to take me out, so…that is what it is. :crossed_swords: