Weapon enchanting

Hello, I’ve read up on enchanting, and wanted to try it out myself.
I found a flintlock on floor 7, and got luck, %dmg, and dmg. Then I rerolled to lvl 100 with close to perfect on those 3. then tried to get 4th epic aff, which was attack speed.
The thing I don’t understand though. It does 4875 dps, whereas a random lvl 77 flintlock I found gives 6146.

Even with all the extra aff on the enchanted wep, compared to hp regen etc. on the random item, then it doesnt even do more damage (20k less overall)

What did I do wrong? Why is the difference so big, and how can I know if a weapon will have high damage when i reroll it.

Also is it worth trying to get perfect gear with the new update and crystals comming out, or should I just farm gold untill then?

If the affixes on your enchanted flintlock are all epic affix (orange-colored text), then it doesn’t show an increase in your dps.

Steiger said:

Even if I don’t see increase on the status page that shows overall damage?

Yes, there is a number of things that dont count towards the DPS

It’s just that something’s wrong with the affix. :smiley:


+50% damage should increase the dps, but it’s not.

All of these enchanting topics will be a waste when crystals will come out :confused:

Well, this is a weird signature, hope you don’t read this

[quote=“Bleeding knight”]All of these enchanting topics will be a waste when crystals will come out :confused:

Well, this is a weird signature, hope you don’t read this[/quote]

What topics? Well, the game will be still be axed on craft, and actually… so much more! it won’t be useful to only use 6 legend items, you’ll be able to create your own items! So even if the “enchanting topics” will be outdated, it still show you a way to craft, because you can still use the DL/UL exploit (until the synchronization system!) :smile:

so you wont be able to cheat the gambling vendor?:wink:

so you wont be able to cheat the gambling vendor?;)[/quote]


Cheating? Whats that! Uploading? Never heard of that! Isnt it like that Diieter? :wink:

TBH I don’t consider UL/DL as cheat, I’m even myself using it a lot, I always did that, and I think that’s worth the hours spending to get 1 affix! (once I spent 1 week to get 1, I was pissed off, really)

Like Ignis “re-fight” , everyone 's doing it :wink:

How do you do re-fight?

Go to Floor 200, proceed to Ignis, kill him. Go to the portal, activate it and a message appears tap the right box and then another message appears. Press now the left “Box” which says ‘Cancel’ I think. Now the window closes. Activate the portal again and tap the first right box of the first message and then again the right box :smile:
repeat repeat repeat for ignis fight.
Only works on floor 200!

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Advanced ignis strats right there!

Ignis…[emoji106] UL/DL when enchanting and rerolling can save gold…hehehe…[emoji13]

Best offline RPG…!

all the tricks in one topic:)) it should be renamed to “dq dirty tricks” :smile:

btw, Ignis restarting does no longer seem as beneficial imo. random maps with bonus luck are more entertaining and better loot if you can handle them easily of course