Weapon Spells bug

My rogue have spells from another class and no matter what wepaon i use the spells it doesn’t change

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u probably use spell sword set affix or maybe battlemage set affix. remove that set, problem solved.

##Ppl confuse about bloodmagic in past too, make dev remove that set from drop.
i can predict in future, another new set is coming, spellsword and battlemage not drop anymore but still can get through amethyst.

@SteigerBox make that happen, need more new set for more combination. need shock element based set like inferno permafrost and plagued tho. love those global/element power boost.

Nah, people just dont want to read their equipment affixes… It says explicizely that it changes primary and secondary skills. If people just can’t read, thats their fault.

I changed all my itens, these spells aren’t from rogue, idk what happened to the game.

post your current equipments here so we can check but it’s probably a set affix with Battle mage or Spellsword. it’s colored green in the affixes

You can take a screenshot by pressing the home button and the button on the RIGHT side of your phone (volume down or power) at the same time.