Weapon's Abilities

Hi again!

I’m creating this topic for all, who have any ideas how to upgrade abilities. Here goes my feedback:

Special Ability: This Rain is great. It’s very useful, since Wand can target only 1 creature. But has few things I would changed:
It should fall from fat above, not from few meter. And depending on energy it should change. For example arcane - lasers; poison&fire - drops; ice - hail.
Little more?

Special Ability: Idea of Meteor is AWESOME. But it’s usage is low. I’d change two things:
Again. Let it fall far from above the screen. Bigger. Faster. With vibration.
Range is to short. Best solutin would be if Mage would cast invisible missile with high speed and middle range. On hit or at max range it would deal no DMG, but summon Meteor in point with 1sec delay. Maybe pushing enemies?

Special Ability: Disc is very optional. By normal useing you can double DMG by using it, but MP cost make it hard for longer time. And speed of it is low.
-Half Moon
I’d change it for the wide wave, which would hurt big group. It can has the same mechanic as Disc, but be wieder.

Special Ability: Tornado does nothing. This sort of DMG for this cost is weak. And it doesn’t have anything to do with basic ability. Solutions:
If moveing tornado would suck enemies it would be useful.
Same, but opposite. It could move ahead and push aside enemies.
-Stand still
Same as aboue (vacuum/push), but it could stand still or move a little for some time dealing AoE DMG.
No matter what is should not get smaller after each hit!
Or you could delete Tornado and make skill, which makes blast focused on the Wizard with wave in each direction pushing enemies and daeling little DMG on short range.

Ability: Cool, very, very cool. But:
Put every kind of spirit on every kind of floor. You’ll see that player can’t see whole spirit because of dismatched colors.
I’d like to know how many dudes I have. And when they stock up, I can’t count them. You can make a simple counter under character’s icon.
Spirits could attack the nearest attack separatly. All of them always attack the same target so far.
Special ability: Is useless. It heals…nope. Funny 150 on my 5000 HP. Bar barely moves.
This talent is cool. But it should work when I’m sarcificing minion.
-Boost it
Make it heals 5 timse more or something like that.
Make Mage can use it while movement, whitout stop. It would be perfect.

Special: Great, just great. Nothin’ to do here.

Special: Again. Nothin’ to do here :wink:

Ability: It costs too much MP. I didn’t found usage for it
Special: Same, sorry.
Honestly, don’t sure how to improve it. Maybe shield should has its own HP and it would drain not 100%DMG on it, but kinda 70%.

I hope you enjoied it.

Love this, thank you! Definitely taking some of these into consideration. :smile:

I’d like to ask, why a player has access to 4-7 skulls only, and 3-20 spirits? Right now, I am running around with 13 minions with my Rathma’s Tome. They are taking aggro on theme. With Volatile talent they also deal some DMG. Recall helps me keeping them around and I can stand behing summonig meteor shower.
And skulls? They explode after something steps on it. Or after little time. 3 of them would deal more DMG than
3 spirits, but I have 13. I should do something about it, because skulls don’t work as well as spirits. And Reclaim talent? Enemies always groups, so when talent works skull instantly explodes.

What will you say?

PS: what about minion behaviour and counter? Counter is easy to make and would be one of the most useful addons in interface :wink:

We’ll take a look at how they explode on contact. :smile:

They are limited in number because they put out quite a bit of damage.

We’re waiting to see how people are using Tome and the Talents to see how to balance those as well!

the meteor is powerful, dont change it : I run back 10 meters and throw a lot of meteor : all monsters are die.

Meteor won’t be changing anytime soon, unless you count possibly adding screen shake on impact. :smile: