Well-needed Arena enhancement

I think it would be great if we could from the PVE platform decide a specific set of items worn during Arena battles, without having to switch every time with farming builds (if none is chosen then the worn item is used, of course); also, one should be able to see his arena stats in this form, so he can easily plan how to improve his build by seeing the effective caps & stats that will have in the arena.

Tell me what you think about this feature!


It would be damn great. But, theres this buzz in the air, and im not sure how much time the devs have reserved for future DQ1 development. I guess we will see. :slight_smile:

I think this will happen somewhere in DQ 2.5-3.0 due so many complains (or maybe not, lmao)

Been asking tht for awhile, no luck so far. So for now I abandoned arena completely :frowning:

Wht kind of complain bout this sweet feature?

cause not implemented yet