Can someone explain that?

Wow 600m . Can u give me gold.

kkk’ the focus is the Hat, kk

normal hat.

i think you used quartz in your gear.

The only way to get rid of the epic layer is to use Crystal affix from Obsidian crystal or use 4 Zircon Stones to make a Mythic of your choice. Yeah Quartz gets rid of a legends status and makes it just a normal gear that has normal to epic rank. Obsidian on it makes it a crystal gear (not legend because idk) and mythics make it a mythic gear or mythic legend maybe.

Well, he crafted an epic item. No head gears with Vampiric Touch set affix looks like that. So, it’s clear that he did craft an epic/rare/normal cap. Even if you will put Legend affixes and set of affixes at normal gears it won’t turn into a Legend one except if you’ll made into mythic one so it will be labeled as Mythic Cap or put some crystal affix so it will be labeled as Crystal Cap. So, what do we need to explain here @LuiiS ?

he didn’t bro.

I didn’t knew it wouldn’'t turn Red if I put a Set affixes… LoL

I remember making that same mistake a year ago thinking the epic gear would auto turn legend if I put ruby or Amethyst crystal on it. I learnt that the hard way.

Nice, thanks for remembering how to get orange items. Awesome in PvP without crystal affix to troll the oponent, looking at your equip thinking “Damnit he uses epic equipment and still beats me :scream:!” :sweat_smile:

If you want it to stay red, use Kyanite and not Quartz :wink:

I didn’t knew cause I aways put mythic or crystal before Amethyst, so I never saw it happen, hehe’ But would be nice to use on Eternal League, yeah… But I guess it would be hard to reach higher divisions without Crystal or Mythics.
Crafters, craft it. LoL

High damage builds don’t necessarily need crystal affixes :wink:

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