What a best farmer?

Pre patch I was farming floor 1000 to be able to get all drops. Now it’s pointless since like you said crystals and mythstone a don’t get better and the few items that drop after floor 500 can be easily crafted.

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Somebody has a guide to a skullshield wizard who have full farming stats, use skullshield and only walk around on floor 500+ / m3?

+40 skullshield

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That is enough :)?
I guess the dmg will be too low, if I try to get maximized farming stats(crystalline, eternalized and so on)?

it will always depend on map I farm at easy map 500+ to 1000+ for crystal with full farm build nadroji enernalize crystalline mythic luck and gold find

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Then i´ll go for full farming skullshield wizard and for this as hireling:

Thanks sir!

BTW: Is it possible to get wrath on any other class as warrior?
I love that skill :slight_smile:

Wrath is warrior only. if you jasper a piece of equipment and add wrath it will change when you jasper to a non warrior class. if you add it to a pet it will do nothing. I know because I tried…

Manashield and Iceburn set affix does the same thing but you have to keep reapplying manashield and it wastes a set affix so its not nearly as good.

Using a DPS hireling is definitely the way to go. Just sprint around and taunt with your main character and let your hireling do the work.

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Hej @MeRk:
I use fortune bringer(warrior) with sprint… Provocation on helm and yeah, it works fine with the mrs. fortune build, but i´m not finished yet(took years to farm all the crystals that I do need).

I would love to play with skullshield-wizard, if the skulls could taunt the enemys together, so the frozen-flintlock-roque could kill them fast.

But I guess, impossible thing sadly

Ahm… @Eater:
Would you not earn more crystals, if you would use m3 instead of easy?

I think the only affix that affects the crystal drop rate is the one on legendary and eternal maps. item drop % doesn’t affect crystal or mythic. the crystalline and eternal set affix boost the rarity only, not drop rate.

Difficulty level helps when farming dust since you get more item drops = more legendary drops. Farm at floor 500m3 for maximum efficiency. Honestly a good dps build will tear through any difficulty at floor 500.

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But this isn’t hardcore, don’t you want to be hardcore at floors 2000?+

In Soviet Russia floor 2000+ farms you!


Best character for me happened to be a wolf…

That wraith talent works on all characters <3


That dog is perfect :100:

Are you sure wrath works on non warrior classes? My testing says no but I’d be super excited to be wrong.

It worked a few months ago but I’ll test it again now just for you <3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh never mind, guess they patched it… What a ball ache :disappointed_relieved:

Did you mean in DQ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I tested it… It doesn’t work on other characters now huhuhuh

Soviet Russia jokes everywhere. Love it!

XD hahahaha