What a best farmer?

Which is the best character for farm?

I’m new to this game, but I don’t think there’s this “best character for farm”. I think it’ll be on “how you build your character for farming”. Any class can be a great farmer.


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Maybe a warrior cuz it has a hatchet that is good for toiling the soil and cutting the trees. Hehe :grin::laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think it is warrior. Wrath talentttt

wizard skill at 40 and max magnify at 40 also :heart_eyes: average pick up raduis 13-18 yards for solo player

Yes. Fortune bringer is a big example. Modify it and put wrath with some pickup radius and congrats , a lazy farmer . I still use that build even now.

Although the true lazy farmer award goes to the flintlock rogues and the running man (wizard versions).

Greater way to be even lazier at farming, putting crushing flames.

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What’s the wizard version?

Warrior hands down. Wrath for breaking boxes and grass and such for easy crystals and gold and share for constant 25% move speed. Just zip around and taunt and let hireling clean up.

The wizard that just walks with skullshield and moves around killing enemies by skullshield alone as well as being speedy by move speed in some form for farming.

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I do that :joy:

For me : Keep the manashield up, enter the room full of enemy, one hit me and all of them get their ass kicked, hell good :smile: The damage pretty low only around 80-200m :blush:

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Similar to that Griffin manashield build in his chill farm videos. Press mana shield for Proc and fast farm.

My favorite for farming is Warrior with Lance and Hatchet. Just Scalp while moving and then you can dash quickly if needed with Charge.

Rogue, due permastealth.

Actually it’s Reflect Damage which do all the not dirty jobs for me :smile: Just need to use manashield once every minute -> super lazy mode :blush:

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Still not faster then wrath for breaking boxes and grass though. On my wizard I use mana shield and iceburn set affix but it’s not as fast as on my war. Charge just doesn’t work as well on wiz.

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Man clicking stealth every few seconds sounds tedious…

There is no reason to farm any higher than 1000m3 and with the new patch it’s way more efficient to farm at 500m3 and just unlock anything you want that drops after floor 500. Much faster kill rate = more dust/hr.

At Fl 500 u will get max rarity of CS and MS so no need to go higher unless u like it ?